Elective Tracks and Unit Studies

Choose an art lesson elective track or unit study to enjoy from all of Nana’s lessons! Pick a favorite topic and have a marathon or sample each section.

Parent Track

Acrylic Seasonal Studies

Little House on the Prairie Marathon

Famous Artists – Complete Clubhouse

Exclusive to the You ARE an Artist Clubhouse, Nana leads you in World Landmarks Video Art Lessons. As you study these amazing landmarks, paint what you are learning with chalk pastels. Nana’s World Landmarks video art lessons are a perfect tool for learning about these wonderful places around the world!

France – Complete Clubhouse

Hymns – Complete Clubhouse

Johnny Appleseed – John Chapman

Master Classes and Clubhouse Exclusives

*Find more under Master Classes, Hymns, Presidents, Maps, Famous Artists and Composers

Maps and Geography – Complete Clubhouse

For Complete Clubhouse members:

Early America – Complete Clubhouse

How Does Your Garden Grow?



With our preschool chalk pastel video art lessons your artists will learn how to draw circles, squares, triangles and even a straight line!





Thanksgiving – Some are Complete Clubhouse lessons

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Here are some quick links to the courses: Fall, Preschool Fall, Master Classes, Hymns. Complete Clubhouse: Maps, Presidents, Famous Artists, American History