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How To Create An Amazing Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

If you have ever wondered how homeschool moms blend multiple subjects with one common topic, you will want to follow me along on this exciting rabbit trail! Oh and, forgive me now because I tend to get overly giddy about this type of learning. 

So we have all seen those super cool homeschool moms who can plan their own lessons around interesting topics and mesh together science, literature, history, art, and more! If I am honest, two things would come to mind when I would see or hear about a mom doing this when I was in my first few years of homeschooling:

  1. Wow, that looks incredibly awesome but too hard for me to do.
  2. We don’t have time for stuff like that because we have to check off our daily curriculum boxes. We will get behind if we veer from our schedule. 

More than likely, you, too, have scrolled through social media or heard another mom at co-op talking about how she plans to present a homeschool lesson in this same manner. And, you might have had some of the same things come to mind. Maybe you felt inadequate, or you may question why teach this way at all? Well, I am so glad you asked!

After more than a decade of homeschooling, I have learned so much about education. My perspective has certainly changed about those seemingly elaborate homeschool lessons, and I believe even if sporadic, they are beneficial for your homeschool and your students. And the best part, putting together a unit study or homeschool lesson, can be super easy! 

A Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson is perfect for summer! So many ideas here to help you make a memorable learning experience at home! #perseids #meteorshower #homeschool #homeschoollessonplans

Why Blend Subjects Together When Planning Homeschool Lessons?

  • You may need a new approach to home educating. One way to really get your children excited about learning is to show them how these subjects can overlap. By approaching education in a way that helps ignite a passion or curiosity about a topic, idea, or lesson – we teach our children how to learn rather than what to learn. Our job is to present lessons to our children that jumpstart their imaginations, inspire them to research more, and enjoy learning. So with all that said, if you have a student that is dreading homeschool every day – try something different! Likely, it might not be the student but the teacher who needs a new home education outlook. 
  • You can show your children just how much fun learning can be. By blending subjects together, we show our children that learning is fluid. It runs from subject to subject and topic to topic; it never stops. That is also the end goal for many homeschool families; we want to cultivate lifelong learners! What better way to demonstrate how exciting education can be than to make the lessons fun and engaging at home? By meshing art, literature, history, science, and more – we aren’t putting any boundaries on our education. We are learning in ways that aren’t conventional and are definitely more fun. We are homeschoolers, and we can do that! 
  • You can save time home educating multiple ages.  Often we think it will be too time-consuming to pull together a homeschool lesson that ties in multiple resources and subjects. But the truth is, it’s not that hard, and it can actually end up saving you time. Think of it like a recipe, all you need is a little of this and a little of that, and before you know it, you can have a nourishing meal. Not only are you capable of pulling together a study that your kids will love, but you can also present it to all of your children at once. Rather than homeschooling every subject level every day, you can teach in more of a one-room-classroom type of way. Yes, you may have to tailor things for differing ages, but the overall lesson is the same in the end – thus saving you more time each day or week.
Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

Now On To The Good Stuff… Let’s Create An Amazing Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Study Together

Ok, now that we have covered a few benefits of overlapping subjects, let’s see an example of a stargazing unit study or Perseids meteor shower lesson. (Call it whatever you prefer, the label isn’t nearly as important as the content and experience you are creating.)

Remember, I said you might need to follow me on my rabbit trail. Let’s blend it all together and make a fun day, week, or month of it! Here is a wonderful example of how one interesting bit of information is linked to another and so on.

If you plan to use our ideas, remember to tailor them to your family, children, and unique homeschool. There is no right or wrong way to do a unit study or homeschool, for that matter. 

Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

What Is The Annual Perseids Meteor Shower?

The basis of our study is the annual Perseids Meteor Shower. I love the idea of creating a build-up to an event that we can celebrate. It keeps my kids engaged through the study because they know that there will be a celebration of sorts or a reward, if you will, at the end. 

If you aren’t familiar with the Perseid Meteor Shower, it is one of the brightest and longest-lasting meteor showers. And, it happens in August, so it’s usually easy to view because the weather is warm, and the sky is likely to be reasonably clear. 

I know! So many fun ways to enjoy a summer meteor shower with the family, right? S’mores, art, and sky-gazing all sound dreamy to me! The best time to catch the peak of all the meteor action is around August 9-14th, but even as early as late July, the start of the showers begins. (If you like ideas like this, you would also love our art summer camp!)

Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

Learning Ideas To Blend Together For An Epic Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

Science: Your students can research what a meteor is, write a list of facts they find, and look up as much as they can about meteors specifically. 

Or, if you prefer to give them tasks to complete, you could create a list of questions that they need to find the answers to. Questions like how fast do meteors travel and how many meteors per hour could they potentially see during the upcoming Perseids Shower? 

Another fun science-based idea that you can tweak so many different ways is to learn about telescopes, space exploration, and star gazing tactics. Nana has some incredible lessons that can tie these things in, and I mention them all below under art. The Hubble Space Telescope and Galileo are perfect for this one!

Don’t forget to watch documentaries or videos about the Perseid Shower too. 

Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

History: Ooooh, this is getting good! The 1860 Great Meteor occurred on July 20, 1860. It was talked about and reported from locations all over the United States. American landscape artist Frederic Church painted the rare but fascinating string of meteors in a now-famous oil painting, The Meteor of 1860. You can tie this all together by doing Nana’s accompanying art lesson 1860 Great Meteor. 

Don’t forget to grab the I Drew It Then I Knew It Famous Artists Companion Workbook for a biography and fun facts about Frederic Church. There is so much more to learn about this famous artist! 

As mentioned in the science portion above, another learning trail you could take on your Perseids meteor shower homeschool lesson might be digging into the history of the telescope. Start with the Galileo lesson from our I Drew It Then I Knew It Inventors Course and research more information about his telescope design. Galileo’s telescope was a prototype of the modern-day refractor telescope.

Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

Literature: Ok, here is another interesting link in our chain of stargazing information. Walt Whitman was also inspired by the same 1860 meteor event that Frederic Church painted and wrote the Year Of Meteors poem (1859-60.) 

This also could fit under history, and it’s even more fantastic when these things overlap in various subjects. You can find the entire poem inside the I Drew It Then I Knew It Literature Companion Workbook. You can read it aloud with all of your children or allow your older students to read it on their own. We enjoyed reading it as we did some art around the dining room table. 

Art: Nana’s How to Draw Perseids Meteor Shower in Chalk Pastels is the perfect lesson to either start this study with or finish it! Either way, this is a lesson the whole family will enjoy doing together. 

Don’t miss all of the other art lessons I have mentioned in our Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson & learning ideas here in the post! Look Up Summer Night Sky, Night Sky Lesson, Hubble Telescope, Galileo, and the 1860 Great Meteor, to name a few! You can pick and choose which ones you feel are the best fit for your unit study and your family. 

If you want to blend in some art appreciation, make sure to view Frederic Church’s oil painting, The Meteor of 1860.

Writing: Have your students write a short report about the Perseid Shower and all they have learned. If your student is a reluctant writer, frame the assignment differently, ask them to write a letter to a friend who has never heard of the meteor shower before, and explain it to them. 

If you have older students, you may have them research and write about Frederic Church, The Hudson River School, Walt Whitman, Galileo, or the Hubble Telescope and pair these writing activities with the coordinating art lesson. Since your teens can earn an art credit with chalk pastels, this is the perfect way to pair the two. Not to mention it adds a little fun and creativity to their curriculum too. 

Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

Nature: With Nana’s Look Up Summer Night Sky and Night Sky Lesson, you can certainly have some nature-filled fun. Star mapping and sky watching have been done since the beginning of time; not only is it fun to do, it’s educational. After you create one of the night sky lessons with Nana, plan a night sky watching party with the family. BBQ for dinner and bring out cozy blankets for dessert while you all watch the night’s sky together. This is just another example of how home education also supports family time and bonding. 

Book Selections: Another fun part of pulling a unit study together is the books! Am I right? Our stargazing unit study is the perfect opportunity to pull in different books that overlap many of our incorporating topics. 

One of the things that takes the most time when planning your own homeschool lessons is the book selection. Some of us are intimidated about selecting the right books, and I get it. But I have a hack for choosing high-quality books; use our Companion Workbooks. It’s the easiest way to buy or reserve books in advance on any topic you are studying. In every, I Drew It Then I Knew It Companion Workbook, you will find a book list. We carefully curate highly-rated books to use along with your studies, and it will save you a ton of time. We make it incredibly easy to plan ahead and reserve your books from the library. Our book list even tells you what age levels the books are recommended for; we want to make it easy for you!

Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

Extras: This is certainly not required, but I like to include treats when we do art. It makes it exciting, and kids love to enjoy a snack or a special something when we are enjoying a relaxed day of learning and creating together. I didn’t have time to make homemade cupcakes on this particular day, so we settled for store bought. And for some added oomph, I added sparkler candles to the cupcakes. My photos don’t do them justice, but they were the perfect little something we needed for talking about meteors! 

Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

So there you have it, friends! We hope this gives you many ideas and plenty of inspiration to create your own Perseids Meteor Shower homeschool lesson. We would love to hear how you pull yours together too, come back and comment here to let us know or tag us on social media @chalkpastelart. We would love to cheer your artists on!

Courtney is a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and she believes homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. At Grace, Grow & Edify she helps families create peaceful homeschooling atmospheres through faith, organizational strategies, and cultivating strong roots at home. She is also the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy.

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An Art Lesson & Tea Time for Families Seeking Simplicity

I Went To The Woods Art Lesson

Life is moving at lightning speed for many American families, and there doesn’t seem to be anything that will slow us down. Most children are enrolled in multiple classes, co-ops, groups, activities, sports, and quiet time is no longer a necessity. We spend less and less time in nature, we are drowning in stuff, and quality family time isn’t sacred anymore. But, whether you are a homeschool family or not, simplicity is key! There was never a time that our families needed simplicity more than now.

Upon pondering this, Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden comes to mind. In short, American author Henry David Thoreau journals through his two-year stay in a cabin on Walden Pond. His journey is based on his desire to illustrate a simpler way of life while living amid nature. He brings attention to self-sufficiency, makes scientific observations about the nature around him, and experiences a spiritual awakening. There is so much we can learn from the book Walden and Henry David Thoreau in general. 

If you are craving simplicity in life or homeschool, this is a lesson you may want to use. You can adapt it to your own homeschool however it fits best. We love to decompress with tea and literature, so tea time is fitting for Thoreau’s “I Went To The Woods” Art Lesson. 

Occasionally, we need to decompress with tea and literature. Join us in slowing down for Thoreau's "I Went To The Woods" art lesson. #homeschool #homeschoolart #homeschoolliterature #homeschoolideas

Why Use Thoreau’s “I Went To The Woods” Art Lesson?

  • Start Combining Literature and Art: If you haven’t joined the You ARE An Artist Clubhouse yet, this is a wonderful lesson that will give you a glimpse into the simplistic and rich learning that can come from combining art and literature in your homeschool. We have an entire Literature Companion Workbook that you can use right alongside art lessons like this one with fact sheets, writing prompts, research ideas, and more!
  • Slow Down And Learn To Enjoy Your Homeschool: If you or your children find yourselves disliking or even dreading your homeschool, you may need to slow down. By using Thoreau’s “I Went To The Woods” Art Lesson, you can do precisely that. Try a new experience in your homeschool that your kids will love, art! By incorporating art into any homeschool lesson, I have found that I have happier students, a more peaceful homeschool, and it’s simple to do. 
  • Enjoy A Lesson On Simplifying Life: Whether you are a homeschooler or public schooler, Thoreau’s “I Went To The Woods” Art Lesson is perfect for taking time to reconnect to nature and ponder how important it is to live a life of simplicity. This lesson is especially good for teens; you can dive into a deep conversation about Thoreau’s views on how to live a simplistic yet meaningful life. 
I Went To The Woods Art Lesson

More “I Went To The Woods” Learning Ideas

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking and planning your own “I Went To The Woods” homeschool lesson. Remember to adapt the lesson to how it fits your homeschool best! There is no right or wrong way to study literature, but there are many ways to enjoy it. 

Read Walden Together: That’s right, this one could be an excellent read-aloud for your high school students. You could read the book together and celebrate the completion of the book with a lovely tea time. Also, since you can use chalk pastels to earn a visual art credit, this would be a fantastic lesson to accumulate art hours. 

Tea Time & Art: If you aren’t ready to read the complete book yet in your homeschool or don’t plan to, you can enjoy a tea time and just read the “I Went To The Woods” excerpt together. (The printable is inside the Literature Companion Workbook.) This would be a wonderful option for a multi-age homeschool; even elementary children will enjoy hearing the reading along with Nana’s gorgeous art lesson. 

Inspire Your Writers: Before or after diving into a tea time or Thoreau’s “I Went To The Woods” Art Lesson, do some writing. With our Literature Companion Workbook, you will get fast facts to learn about together, writing prompts, and more. You can spark your writer’s creativity with some fun writing prompts that are already done for you. 

Have Deep Discussions: Art lessons like these can spark some memorable conversations at home. Talk about the importance of simplicity, connection to nature, or brainstorm how you might simplify your homeschool. For example, simplifying your homeschool might mean fewer textbooks and more hands-on activities like art. Or it may mean less online work and more time in nature. Find what adjustments you need to make by asking your children and get their input. 

Research Projects: If you have middle school or high school students, you might want to assign a little research about the author. Make sure you use the Literature Companion Workbook to grab your “I Went To The Woods” printable, get five fast facts to enjoy, and complete the research project. Another fun idea may be looking up more Henry David Thoreau quotes.

There are so many ways for you and your students to enjoy Henry David Thoreau’s works and Nana’s coordinating art lesson. We hope this inspires you to slow down, put on some tea, and create together. To get started join the Clubhouse and grab all the resources that I mentioned!

Courtney is a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and she believes homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. At Grace, Grow & Edify she helps families create peaceful homeschooling atmospheres through faith, organizational strategies, and cultivating strong roots at home. She is also the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy.

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How To Create An Affordable Space Camp At Home With Art for Kids

Space Camp At Home With Art

Are your kids fascinated by the idea of space? Mine too! The solar system can be such an exciting area of study. Most of us still remember learning about all of the planets and space exploration when we were kids. 

Isn’t it funny how you remember certain things you learned as a child? Usually, we recall the things that stuck out the most because the lessons were exciting or had an element of hands-on education included. 

That is precisely what we are going to help you create at home! We have some exciting and affordable ideas to help you create a space camp with art in your homeschool or maybe for fun this summer at home. 

Here at You ARE An Artist, we will be hosting a week of space camp, and we sure do hope you join us. But, luckily you can also use our clubhouse membership to do an art camp based on space anytime!

Are your kids ready to blast into learning all about space? Check out how easy it is to create a Space Camp At Home With Art! #artcamp #onlineartclasses #kidsart #homeschoolart #homeschoolscience #sciencecurriculum

5 Steps To Create Space Camp At Home With Art 

  1. Grab your clubhouse membership here if you don’t have one yet to get started. Tip: One week of traditional art camp or space camp for just one child can easily cost $200-250. But get this – your entire family can enjoy a full year of over 700+ art lessons along with our companion workbooks with planners, book recommendations, fast facts, biographies, and overviews for the same investment. With our clubhouse membership, you get more value for your money! Plus, you never have to leave home, and you can access all of our art lessons at your convenience. 
  2. Make sure you have your supplies ready. You will need a starter set of chalk pastels and copy or construction paper. Yes! That’s all you need to get started. Super affordable!
  3. Choose when you will host your art camp. Honestly, art camp is perfect any time of year, but a few ideas to help you choose may be: summer, spring break, or kick off the first week of school with art camp (that is an easy way to ease into the homeschool year and get the kids excited to learn). Or you can join us for summer camp together! During summer camp, we will create traditional summer camp art projects in addition to travel camp with landmarks, space camp, and so much more.
  4. Pick your art lessons. This is the fun part! We have so many space art lessons to choose from; you could be busy for a while! You could even block out an entire 4-6 weeks in your homeschool to study space with our Solar System, Space Exploration, Solar Eclipse, and Moon Missions art courses. 
  5. Add the fun stuff. Here is where you can get creative! It may be fun to decorate solar system sugar cookies, make a galaxy cake, or planet cake pops. There are so many creative ways to incorporate snacks while you are learning together. 

Here are some of the exciting lessons you can enjoy during a space art camp at home:

I Drew It Then I Knew It Moon Missions Art Course 

  • Pad Crawler
  • Saturn 5 Lift Off
  • Headed to the Moon
  • Flag on the Moon
  • Mission Control
  • Footprint on the Moon

I Drew It Then I Knew It Solar Eclipse Art Course 

  • Diamond Ring
  • Total Solar Eclipse
  • Baily’s Beads

I Drew It Then I Knew It Solar System Art Course 

  • Solar System
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Venus
  • Uranus
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • The Plutoids
  • Neptune
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Mercury

I Drew It Then I Knew It Space Exploration Clubhouse Edition Art Course 

  • Space Shuttle Lift Off
  • Man on the Moon
  • Night Sky
  • Comet
  • Spiral Galaxy
  • Nebula
  • Mars Rover
  • Astronaut Helmet

I know! So much art to do and exciting ways to learn about space!

We followed along with the I Drew It Then I Knew It Solar System Course and Companion Workbook. If you introduce your students to the solar system for the first time, the companion workbook is perfect for guiding you from planet to planet. But even kids who have covered the solar system before will learn something new!

We had a blast drawing our way through the Solar System. Earth was another must-do art lesson for us, and then we dove into the beautiful rings of Saturn. We are still working our way through all of these exciting lessons and learning a lot along the way.

Remember, there is no right way to enjoy art camp, but there are endless ways to have fun with it! You don’t have to start with any particular lesson; begin with whatever interests your kids the most. 

Please join us for Space Camp! You can try out a sample lesson here

Once you join the clubhouse, tag us on social media @chalkpastelart and use #YouAREAnArtistClubhouse so that Nana can see your artwork! She loves to encourage your artists. 

Courtney is a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and she believes homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. At Grace, Grow & Edify she helps families create peaceful homeschooling atmospheres through faith, organizational strategies, and cultivating strong roots at home. She is also the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy.

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10 Ways To Effortlessly Add Art To Your Homeschool Anytime of Year

Add Art to Your Homeschool

Have you been skipping art in your homeschool, but you are ready to start implementing it now? Or maybe you aren’t sure how you can work art into your homeschool. No worries! You may not know this, but has multiple ways to help you add art to your home and homeschool. 

And we can’t wait to show you just how easy it is! No matter what kind of homeschooler you are, we have a way for you to bring the joy of art into your home.

Whether you are a serious planner mom or a spontaneous fun family, we have some ideas to share with you. Because art can be the cherry on top of all your learning at home and kids thrive when they can use their hands and exercise their creativity! 

Here is How You Can Effortlessly Add Art to Your Homeschool Anytime of Year! #homeschoolplanning #homeschoolart #artcurriculum #homeschoolcurriculum

10 Ways You Can Plan Art with You ARE An Artist


If your homeschool family likes to wake up each morning and see where the day takes them, you can access over 600 art lessons anytime with your Clubhouse Membership. Just sign in to your membership and browse through all the available lessons and choose. Easy!

Add Art to Your Homeschool

Coordinate with Your Curriculum 

This option is perfect for families that like to plan their weeks and months ahead. Since You ARE An Artist has a wide range of art lessons spanning from history, science, nature, famous artists, composers, presidents, Bible, hymns, inventors, space, and more – you can find an art lesson to coordinate with just about anything you may be studying! You can find this by using the search bar inside your membership or browsing through the various courses. Make sure you take advantage of our companion workbooks to access multiple art lesson planner pages too!

Companion Workbooks 

Since we just mentioned these in #2, let’s talk about the companion workbooks a bit more in-depth. We have been creating companion workbooks to go along with our I Drew It Then I Knew It Series. Each of these workbooks comes with a recommended book list for the topic, biographies or overviews, planner pages, fast facts, writing prompts, research ideas, and more to complement whatever you are learning. Our companion workbooks make adding art to your homeschool easier than ever! Everything you need to complete a fantastic homeschool lesson with art is right at your fingertips. 

Don’t forget to utilize the search bar within your membership dashboard. The search bar is an easy way to find a last-minute art lesson or plan as far ahead as you need. Either way, pop whatever you are looking for in the search bar to search over 600 art tutorials. 

Art Lesson Calendar 

Nana and the You ARE An Artist team are always planning new and exciting lessons for Clubhouse members. You will find live events, holiday art, and seasonal relevant lessons pre-planned for you. Accessing the art lesson calendar is easy; it’s right inside your membership dashboard. Utilize the art lesson calendar, and you will never forget another fun opportunity to enjoy art in your homeschool!


Not sure what to study? We have a solution for that too! Please browse through all of our courses to see what your children might find interesting. We have an entire series dedicated to I Drew It Then I Knew It and many other topical art courses to keep learning at home exciting. Pick a course and dive right in. Learning never has to be boring with You ARE An Artist. 

Art Credit For High School

Art for a Credit 

Do you have a teen that needs an art credit for high school? We have just the thing! Let us walk you through how simple it is to receive an art credit using chalk pastels. 

Curriculum Match-Up Lists 

You ARE An Artist also has another effortless way to add art into your homeschool lessons with a match-up list. Download a curriculum match-up list from your dashboard for Ancient, American, Medieval, or Modern History and add art to any history lesson. 

Live Events 

Here at You ARE An Artist, we are always planning exciting ways to bring art into your homeschool. One of the ways we do that is by hosting live events online with our community. You can log into your membership dashboard to keep up with all of the upcoming events and add them to your planner or calendar, so you never miss it! Then your family can tag us on social media using @chalkpastelart and hashtag #youareanartist. Your kids will have an amazing time as you search the hashtag to see all of your fellow homeschoolers out there doing the same art lesson. 

Add Art to Your Homeschool

Family Time 

Art adds joy and erases the mundane from our homes and homeschools, so remember, You ARE An Artist on rainy days, for family time, and anytime you hear “I’m Bored”! Stretch your membership as far as possible by using it recreationally; it doesn’t have to be just for homeschool. Saturdays, summer, tea times, anytime with friends and family are also perfect times for chalk pastels. 

Don’t forget we have plenty of lessons for preschool so that you can add your youngest to the fun too. You can always add a little learner to any of our chalk pastel lessons, just give them a piece of paper and a couple of chalk pastels, and they will feel like the big kids! 

We hope to help you make the most of your learning at home together and your membership! Don’t have a membership yet? No worries! Grab yours now.

Courtney is a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and she believes homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. At Grace, Grow & Edify she helps families create peaceful homeschooling atmospheres through faith, organizational strategies, and cultivating strong roots at home. She is also the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy.

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Easter Art Lessons That Will Make For A Memorable Time

Easter Art Lessons

Easter is right around the corner, and it’s a wonderful time to begin planning. Here at You ARE An Artist, we have some excellent resources to help you easily plan your art lessons so you can spend more time learning and creating with your family through Easter.

Whether you want to experience Easter with your family through Lent, Holy Week, or Easter Sunday, we have something for you. Because studying Easter is not only Biblically rich but history-rich. There is so much to learn! 

The Easter story is in the Bible for us to read anytime, but it’s essential to revisit it leading up to Easter. We do this in remembrance of what Jesus went through and all the amazing things God has done. Reading through the Easter story with your family is a wonderful way to bond and experience intimacy with God.

Easter Art Lessons That Will Make For A Memorable Time

Our new Easter Companion Workbook paired with a Complete Clubhouse Membership is the perfect way to incorporate Easter into your homeschool or church-at-home. You can draw your way right through the Resurrection Story with our Easter art lessons. 

With our Easter Companion Workbook, you will get multiple planners, a book recommendation list, fast fact sheets, and overviews to work through our Easter art lessons.

Easter Art Lessons

You can plan how and when you will use each Easter art lesson with the planners included in the workbook. And, there are plenty of art tutorials to choose from.

IDITIKI Easter Workbook Cover

All The Easter Art Lessons You Can Enjoy With Your Family

  • Three crosses
  • Crown of thorns
  • Easter cross
  • Rainbow cross (try this sample!)
  • The stone rolled away
  • Easter lily
  • Palm branch (try this sample!)
  • Easter eggs
  • The Lord’s Supper bread and cup
  • Church stained glass window
  • Garden of Gethsemane
  • Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet
  • The Last Supper

You can easily count the Easter art lessons as homeschool because you will also learn facts and history behind each topic. We give you just enough for an all-in-one lesson that is the perfect fit for homeschool or church-at-home. If your kids are anything like mine, you will find yourselves researching more exciting facts on your own. Or access all of our extension ideas inside the companion workbook to continue the learning. 

Easter Art Lessons

What we love most about our Easter art lessons is that your whole family can join in! We think reading from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Day is a beautiful way to revisit or introduce the Easter story to your family. If you want to dive all in, a Holy Week timeline would also be fun! 

Imagine Bible readings, Easter art, Biblical history, and nature all around the kitchen table together as you revisit the beautiful story of the Resurrection. Inside the Easter Companion Workbook, we share the Bible passages where you will find the greatest story ever told! 

You don’t have to be familiar with the Easter story to experience it with your family; we encourage you to learn right alongside your children. Not only will you make great memories together, but you are also sure to have fun!

Easter Art Lessons

 We encourage you to read the full story found in the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Although it is sometimes difficult to imagine the betrayal, suffering death, and burial of Jesus, there is no Resurrection without all of these things.  

The Easter story is a powerful one, and it changes lives when we learn of God’s love and sacrifices for us through his only Son. 

You don’t need anything fancy to start either, an affordable set of chalk pastels and computer or construction paper, and you are on your way. 

We sure do hope you join us this Easter!

Courtney is a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and she believes homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. At Grace, Grow & Edify she helps families create peaceful homeschooling atmospheres through faith, organizational strategies, and cultivating strong roots at home. She is also the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy.

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How To Plan An Awesome Home Bible Study For Kids

Home Bible Study for Kids

Do you remember learning about the Bible as a child? I do. I still remember powerful Bible stories like David and Goliath or Jesus walking on water from hearing them at five years old. These stories stuck with me forever. 

As Christian parents, we want this for our children too. We want them to hear stories of the Bible and be amazed. I hate to admit that we can occasionally share these stories and lack the child-like awe to make them come alive. And the truth is, we should present the Bible to our children with excitement, wonder, and honor. 

God left us a book filled with incredible stories to share with our children, so why not go all out? I want my children to hear the amazing things God has done, and it leave an impression on them for life, just as it did for me. 

Many of these stories impacted my mind and memory because they were presented to me using creative visual tools and delivered by a good storyteller. 

Yes, reading straight from the Bible with our family is fantastic! But it doesn’t hurt to add resources that visually stimulate our children. Visuals are excellent teaching tools for children of all learning styles. It also doesn’t hurt to tie in hands-on experiences that will help them never to forget. We can help bring the Bible to life as they hear the retellings. 

For that reason, I am beyond thrilled to share with you the ultimate Bible story companion. Art. 

Whether you are teaching Bible in your homeschool as a daily or weekly lesson, or perhaps you are creating a church-at-home experience for your family, you will love how effective it is to add art along with your Biblical teachings.

Ideas for Planning an Awesome Home Bible Study for Kids - Art, History, Nature, Bible and more! #Bibleforkids #Biblestudyforkids #Bible #art #homeschoolart #homeschool

I Drew It Then I Knew It Bible Series Companion Workbooks

I am also thrilled to announce another new I Drew It And I Knew It Companion Workbook – New Testament Series! If you haven’t heard yet, we are adding these excellent companion workbooks to all of our I Drew It And I Knew It Series.

The workbooks include planners, book recommendation lists, fact sheets, overviews, or biographies to help you make the most of your learning time together! No hunting down all of the right resources. Our companion workbooks do the work for you so you can spend more time learning alongside your children. The best part, they are included in the Complete Clubhouse Membership!

Home Bible Study for Kids – Tips & Ideas 

Sometimes, we parents think if laughing and fun are included, it can’t be educational. But, the truth is, if we make learning about Jesus engaging, our kids will enjoy it enough to keep trying. 

Have you ever tried to teach your children something super dull? If you aren’t excited, neither are they. But, when you share something with an activity, like art, and deliver it with some passion…sparks! Right? 

If you don’t know what I am talking about, try it. See how your children react differently when you create an experience or make it more fun with hands-on activities. Art has that effect on kids. 

Here are a few ideas to help you maximize your teaching efforts:

Bible Tea Time with Art: (Or, you might enjoy Bible, coffee, and art if you have teens.)

We are big advocates of tea time here at You ARE An Artist. You can elevate any lesson at home by adding tea and treats. Kids love the extras and will look forward to each time you tell them you are doing an art tea time. 

Connecting with your teens can sometimes be a challenge, but try a coffee date at home with the Bible and art! It may take a few minutes to ease into it, but art is therapeutic, and the mental health benefits are great for teens. By the way, did you know your teens can earn an art credit with chalk pastels?

Home Bible Study for Kids

Create a Church-at-Home Experience:

If church-at-home is more your speed, you could make Sundays awesome! It could be a family experience to draw a Bible story altogether each Sunday for church-at-home. 

Luckily, You ARE An Artist includes the whole family, children of all ages through adults. Grandma and grandpa would probably love an invitation to participate. Church-at-home could be as simple as this:

  • Tell your children a Bible story while they have some snacks or tea time.
  • Do an art project together.
  • Follow that up with fun kids worship music. Seeds Family Worship has some beautiful songs to help kids memorize scripture while worshipping as a family. 
  • Close with prayer. 
Home Bible Study for Kids

Create a Homeschool Bible Study Routine:

You could spread the Bible lesson out over the week if you homeschool and want to break it down into digestible chunks each day. Here is an example – 

Monday, read the Bible story. 

Tuesday, do scripture memorization orally.

Wednesday, do scripture memory copy work. 

Thursday, ask your children to narrate the Bible story back to you aloud. 

Make Friday a day to look forward to, and execute a fun art lesson that compliments the Bible story you shared. 

Home Bible Study for Kids

With Our I Drew It Then I Knew It New Testament Series, Your Family Can Paint:

  • Jesus Blesses the Children
  • Zacchaeus
  • Jesus Walks on the Water
  • Jesus Feeds the 5,000
  • Garden of Gethsemane
  • Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet
  • The Last Supper
  • Paul and Silas Jail Earthquake
  • Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock

And that is just the New Testament! We have an Old Testament Series too. 

Home Bible Study for Kids

I hope the wheels turn as you think of creative ways to incorporate the Bible at home with your kids. There is no right way to do home Bible study for kids. Do what works best with your family rhythm. 

If you are wondering how you can get started, it’s easy! All you need is a Complete Clubhouse Membership here at You ARE An Artist, an affordable set of chalk pastels and computer or construction paper.

Courtney is a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and she believes homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. At Grace, Grow & Edify she helps families create peaceful homeschooling atmospheres through faith, organizational strategies, and cultivating strong roots at home. She is also the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy.

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The Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Unit Study With Art

St. Patrick's Day unit study

St. Patrick’s Day is a fantastic learning opportunity in our homeschools, and unfortunately, it can easily get overlooked. But we can’t let you miss out on all of the fun. We have the perfect St. Patrick’s Day unit study ideas to share with you so that you can have a great time learning together in your homeschool.

St. Patrick’s Day is full of educational goodness, and it’s so much fun to celebrate with kids. We can’t wait to share all of these ideas with you. 

We have the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in your homeschool! Art, unit study ideas, and more! #homeschool #stpatricks #stpatricksday #stpatricksdayforkids #homeschoolart

First, a quick overview of St. Patrick’s Day so you can share it with your children. We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day every year on March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday observed on the anniversary of Saint Patrick’s death.

The day celebrates Ireland’s patron saint and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, in addition to celebrating Irish culture. St. Patrick was a Roman-British Christian missionary who was kidnapped and taken to Gaelic Ireland, where he was a shepherd for six years. During those six years, St. Patrick found God and left for home. He became a priest and dedicated his life to evangelizing and converting people to Christianity. 

Legends state that Saint Patrick used the three-leaved shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans. So as you can see, St. Patrick’s Day is full of fascinating history to explore. In addition to exploring St. Patrick’s Day’s history, there is poetry, literature, culture, nature, Christianity, and of course – art!

You can’t celebrate without art! Art is essential to having fun in your homeschool. So, without further ado, here are some ideas to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day unit study

Celebrate With These St. Patrick’s Day Unit Study Ideas 

Tea Time & Treats

We love combining art and tea here at You ARE An Artist. The combination of art and tea time sets a sweet tone in your homeschool where the kids can learn and relax together. 

Your children are excited to learn and create with you, and the hands-on aspect of art helps them retain information well. So tea time is the perfect time to read aloud, share poetry, and create art!

We have the perfect Irish Blessing to share with you for this too. Find the complementary Irish Blessing download HERE. You can drink tea (or your favorite drinks) while reading this lovely blessing aloud. It always helps to have special treats at tea time also. Three or four-leaf clover sugar cookies would be exciting or something green. Have fun with it, but don’t stress. A box of store-bought cookies is just as good. What counts is the time spent together. 

St. Patrick's Day unit study
St. Patrick's Day unit study

If your kids don’t like tea, you could tint their milk green or have mint chocolate chip ice cream. There are so many creative ways to make it enjoyable. We decided on mint green ice cream with some festive toppings for the younger ones.

St. Patrick's Day unit study

St. Patrick’s Day Unit Study Ideas Paired With Art

Our favorite art projects for a day or afternoon spent learning about St. Patrick’s Day are shamrocks, of course! Now, remember I told you there is so much to learn and make St. Patrick’s Day educational? Here is another idea. Before or after you do this art lesson, look up with your kids how all shamrocks are clovers, but not all clovers are shamrocks. 

St. Patrick's Day unit study
St. Patrick's Day unit study

Another fantastic art project to incorporate into this lesson is the Cliffs of Moher Ireland. Yes, it’s a part of our World Landmark Series and definitely educational. You and your children would have a great time looking up one of Ireland’s most famous landmarks and then drawing it with chalk pastels. Here is a link full of information about the Cliffs of Moher Ireland and a virtual tour!

St. Patrick's Day unit study

Don’t forget about rainbows, and they are perfect for all ages to draw so your younger children can join in on this one too. We have an art tutorial with a rainbow and a pot of gold in vibrant colors just waiting to be created! You kids are sure to get excited about that. If you want to make it extra educational, just look up how rainbows are made. 

St. Patrick's Day unit study
St. Patrick's Day unit study
St. Patrick's Day unit study
St. Patrick's Day unit study

Spring is in the air this month, and I should mention, along with the Shamrock and Rainbow art lessons, the Spring Art Course also includes: 

  • Swing
  • Jonquil in a glass of water
  • Spring tree
  • Spring tree reflection
  • Rain
  • Quilt
  • Bird’s Nest
St. Patrick's Day unit study

Next, our British Isles Map art lesson would pair perfectly for this tea time. Add all of your favorite St. Patrick’s Day books and blessings and draw a map together. Your elementary and up students will enjoy drawing a colorful map of Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland as you incorporate geography into your St. Patrick’s Day lesson. 

All of these art lessons that I have mentioned in this post are available with a Complete Clubhouse Membership. I recommend the complete membership so that your whole family can enjoy everything You ARE An Artist has to offer. With the complete membership, you can easily plan art into every homeschool day, week, or month. The Complete Clubhouse Membership is the perfect match for homeschooling! 

Plus, ARTiST Clubhouse members enjoy this very special event ON St. Patrick’s Day!

Luck o' the Irish To Ya! St. Patrick's Day event

We hope our St. Patrick’s Day unit study ideas help you plan a fun day or week to learn new things and create together.

Courtney is a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and she believes homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. At Grace, Grow & Edify she helps families create peaceful homeschooling atmospheres through faith, organizational strategies, and cultivating strong roots at home. She is also the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy.

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Little House On The Prairie Homeschool Ideas You’ll Love

Little House On The Prairie Homeschool

Are there any homeschoolers out there that don’t hop on the Little House on the Prairie wagon? I mean, seriously, how can you not love Little House? There is something about Lara Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series that is easy to obsess over. 

The pioneer lifestyle was terribly rough, but she somehow makes it feel desirable, and even a bit idealistic in her books, doesn’t she? That simplistic way of life I think we are all secretly yearning for in our modern days. Or wait, maybe just pieces of it! I sure do love running water. 

But seriously, if your family hasn’t fallen headfirst into a Little House book, we highly recommend it. You will quickly fall in love with the storyline and the family, for that matter. 

So with that said, we have some wonderful ideas to help you tie the loveable series into your homeschool. Whether tea time is your thing, or maybe you prefer an entire unit study, and as always, you have to add art, we have a few Little House on the Prairie homeschool ideas to help you plan. 

Little House on the Prairie Homeschool Ideas

Little House On The Prairie Homeschool Art + Tea Time 

When you don’t have time for an entire unit study on a subject, tea time is a fantastic alternative. Choose your favorite Little House book and begin reading aloud with your family. It’s that easy! Once you have read to your heart’s content, you can top it off with a little art. 

Kids sure do look forward to reading aloud and learning about pretty much anything when you can incorporate art. Oh, and snacks, of course. 

Little House On The Prairie Homeschool

You can pair some heart-shaped sugar cookies and tea or milk with this sweet Little House art tutorial with Nana. We think this one is perfect for a Valentine’s Day tea too. You can find it in Nana’s Master Classes, it’s included in a complete Clubhouse Membership.

Little House On The Prairie Homeschool

Little House On The Prairie Homeschool Ideas Are Not Just For Girls

I adored going through the Little House series with my oldest years ago, and I wasn’t going to skip it just because my youngest two are male. Hopefully, you won’t miss it either, just because you have boys in the mix! 

There is so much about the Little House on the Prairie series that appeals to boys too! Think pioneers and Indians, farm life, woodworking, nature, cooking, and more. The entire family can enjoy Little House altogether, so it’s another book series that is family-friendly and all ages enjoy. 

Little House On The Prairie Homeschool Unit Study Ideas

The Little House series is excellent for a unit study because the books are so rich in everything! Faith, science, literature, writing, cooking, history, music, and you can use You ARE An Artist to pull in the art. 

Start reading the beginning of the series, if you can. Reading aloud, cuddled on the couch, is a lovely place to be. Or add some hot tea and art lessons, and it is even better! 

You can pull together a unit study on your own, or you can also search out resources like The Prairie Primer by Margie Gray. It is a literature-based unit study spine for children ages 8-12 that will save you from planning everything independently. 

But, if you like to pull your own resources together, here are some ideas to spark inspiration. Or pick and choose from our Little House on the Prairie Homeschool ideas, that is ok too! The freedom to choose what you study is one of the best parts of homeschooling. 


One of the most fun and memorable hands-on experiences you can learn from pioneer days is to make your butter at home. This activity your kids will remember forever, and it’s easy. Grab some heavy cream and shake it in a mason jar till you have butter. Too much fun! Your kids will love making this and putting it on toast or biscuits. 

You can also find The Little House Cookbook online and My Little House Cookbook from My First Little House Books for younger kids if you want more recipes to try at home together. 


Find things as you read through the books your children are curious about and research them together. You can find complimentary videos online, look up topics in encyclopedias, or research online. 

For example, my boys are fascinated with maple trees now. We learned that maple syrup is made from the sap of sugar maple, red maple, or black maple trees. 

Other ideas might include studying how the weather affected farming, various animal studies, and medicines. You ARE An Artist has a wide variety of nature-based art lessons to choose from too.


One part of our complimentary Little House art also includes the hymn “The Sweet By And By” that Pa Ingalls loved. You can learn the hymn history and then enjoy the art tutorial of Pa playing his violin. 

Little House On The Prairie Homeschool

You can even find the My Little House Songbook and sing many of the Ingalls’ favorite songs together. If your children play an instrument, you can use the sheet music in the book to play them all!

If you love old hymns, you also get access to an entire hymn study and art tutorials with our I Drew It And I Knew It series in a complete membership to the You ARE an Artist Clubhouse.

Little House On The Prairie Homeschool


Faith was a vital part of many pioneer family’s days and lives. This is a wonderful opportunity to begin daily Bible readings with your family around the breakfast or dinner table. 


We have you covered. Grab your membership to get started today! 


You are covering it by reading the books, but if you want to dive further in or if you have an older student, you can research the life and history of the author, Lara Ingalls Wilder. She has other works to explore and plenty to research about her career as an author. 


Ooooh, the writing ideas! There are too many to mention, but you might want to begin with some fun writing prompts for elementary children. Here are a few to start with.

What would my daily life be like living as a pioneer boy/girl?

What toys would I play with if I lived in pioneer times?

What kind of birthday celebration would I have as a pioneer boy/girl? 

You get the idea. Some of these ideas also include a little fun research! 

Older students like these types of writing prompts too. They can expand on them. Or give them comprehensive research assignments about; history, nature, time-period relevance, or anything they find curious. Often, the best papers come from a topic that your students are keen on researching.  


So many rabbit trails, am I right? It is not uncommon for me to count history for the day complete from all the moments we decide to look something up as we are reading. 

Besides all of the exciting research topics you can probably already think of, we like to Google things as we read. When you read aloud, and your kids stop to ask, why did they do that? Or what does that mean? Just pause and look it up together, it counts as research and many times pertains to history or the period. 

Little House On The Prairie Homeschool

An interesting rabbit trail to follow may be the history of the covered wagon? How long did people use it for transport? What were the other travel alternatives at the time? How hard would a long trip be in a covered wagon? (These also would work for writing and research ideas.) 

All work and no play? Nope! Add art to keep your kids engaged and loving these ideas by drawing the covered wagon! Adding art to these studies makes it fun and shows our children that learning CAN be exciting. 

Little House On The Prairie Homeschool

Another interesting idea that would easily pair with Little House history would be President Ulysses S. Grant’s study. We have a fantastic resource to help you learn all about the presidents and draw them! A fun fact to research, Ulysses S. Grant was a cousin of the Ingalls family. 


The most fun geography project you can incorporate into your Little House unit studies is mapping The Little House on the Prairie family travels. Your kids will love this one! 

This would also be a great time to study the geography and landscape of the American Midwest, American frontier maps, and early settlements. 

Little House on the Prairie Homeschool Ideas for Younger Students

As I mentioned above, Little House is family-friendly, and younger siblings are welcome while you read aloud. But, if you want to introduce The Little House on the Prairie to your early learners before diving into the novels, try the My First Little House Books

Little House Homeschool

They are snippets of the same loved stories but created for younger children. We adore these books; they are perfect for your preschool and up age range. You might even prefer using the audiobooks for read-aloud time. Do what works for your family! 

Some fantastic art lessons to tie in Little House for your littles might be farm animals for preschool, preschool winter art, or preschool spring art. These are age-appropriate for your earliest learners, and they can join in all of the art fun too!  

By grabbing a Complete Clubhouse Membership, your whole family can get access to all of the art tutorials I mentioned.  

Enjoy making some beautiful memories with your children as you experience the much-beloved Little House series paired with our art tutorials! 

Courtney is a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and she believes homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. At Grace, Grow & Edify she helps families create peaceful homeschooling atmospheres through faith, organizational strategies, and cultivating strong roots at home. She is also the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy.


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The Best Presidents Day Art Projects To Celebrate With

Presidents Day Art Projects

Presidents’ Day should really be referred to as President’s month if you are a homeschooler! Am I right? We can’t cram all of that good stuff into one day. It’s impossible; there are way too many interesting facts and rabbit trails to explore. 

Here at, we know precisely how fascinating it can be to dive into the U.S. Presidents. We think all of our presidents deserve a celebration anytime! For that reason, we created the ultimate companion resource to our I Drew It And I Knew It Presidents Series. 

Presidents Day Art Projects

When you join our I Drew It Then I Knew It Clubhouse Series, you will also get the added benefit of our new companion workbooks! (Plus access to over 700 art lessons!)

We just started adding them, and we are thrilled with the first, the Presidents Companion Workbook. It is the perfect educational companion to drawing the Presidents with chalk pastels. 

Presidents Day Art Projects Worth Celebrating

Talk about a way to celebrate President’s Day or any Presidential holiday for that matter! Add art to history, and your kids will instantly be hooked! 

As we have mentioned before, adding art to any subject makes it more exciting for our children and keeps them engaged. My kids look forward to art no matter what subject I blend it with. 

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be boring, and we are here to help you have memorable experiences while you educate at home. There is no need to skip art; let it become the best part of your homeschool week!

Hands-on creativity with art is a good fit for all learning styles. That’s a win-win for homeschools with multiple students; everyone can join in! By adding art to your homeschool lessons, your children are also more likely to retain the information.

Presidents Day Art Projects

We recently had a fantastic time using the new companion workbook as we learned about some U.S. Presidents. 

I introduced my youngest two to Lincoln, and my oldest enjoyed learning a few fun facts about him we didn’t know! If you are going to study the U.S. Presidents, this is definitely the way to do it. 

Presidents Day Art Projects

We also celebrated the presidents by covering George Washington too. Use the companion workbook to blend books, facts, bios, and art for an educational experience your kids won’t soon forget. Every time we study a president, we learn something new. I bet your family does too. 

You can also complete Presidents Day Art Projects for Presidents:

George Washington
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
James Monroe
Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln Portrait – Aaron Copland
Ulysses S. Grant
President Benjamin Harrison – First Christmas Tree in White House
Theodore Roosevelt
John F. Kennedy
Franklin D. Roosevelt
and we keep adding more!

Presidents Day Art Projects

Here are some tips to help you navigate the companion workbooks and plan ahead with your curriculum in mind. 

These workbooks would be perfect for planning a full unit study around the U.S. Presidents too! They are totally flexible so that you can incorporate them; however it works best for your family. 

Courtney is a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and she believes homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. At Grace, Grow & Edify she helps families create peaceful homeschooling atmospheres through faith, organizational strategies, and cultivating strong roots at home. She is also the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy.

The Companion Workbook Includes the Following Resources To Help You Make The Most of Educating At Home

Planners: Our planners are designed for homeschool parents with flexibility in mind. If you want to map out what you plan to study for the entire year, you can use our annual curriculum planner. By mapping out what you will do for the year, you can match your art themes along with your family’s history, reading, and other subjects as you go. Track hours and art lessons with our monthly art tracker; you can easily use this for your portfolio if you are keeping one. The monthly art tracker also works well if you are tracking hours for an art credit. Lastly, we have included a weekly planner to stay on top of weekly art lessons and other assignments.

Fact Sheet: Use the fact sheet before your art lesson to cover some interesting facts about the subject to get your children engaged. These facts may also create some fun talking points while you create them together.

Detective Worksheet: If you want to include a little writing and research on the subject we drew, use our open-ended detective worksheet to keep the learning alive afterward. The detective worksheet could also be used as a questionnaire later or writing and research prompts for the following day. This will also make a great addition to your educational portfolio if you are required to keep one. The questions for each workbook are the same and can be reused for each individual art lesson.

Presidents Day Art Projects

Biography or Overview: Before each lesson, you may want to read aloud our quick biography or overview of the subject to your children. Whether we will draw a person, place, or thing – we will give you a brief summary, bio, or background, so you don’t have to search it out beforehand. This is a fantastic resource to help you combine learning with all ages or family-style learning. It can also help you save time by combining multiple children in one subject.

Book List: Books and read alouds are another way to make the most of learning together. We have a list of recommended books to add to your studies about whatever we will be drawing together. The book list includes books for various ages to choose from. Our book list will help you plan what books to buy or reserve from the library in advance.

Extension Ideas: Lastly, we add fun extension ideas to each series to help you plan more educational fun into your learning at home. 

We hope you enjoy our new resources and have a blast celebrating the U.S. Presidents with art anytime.

Courtney is a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and she believes homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. At Grace, Grow & Edify she helps families create peaceful homeschooling atmospheres through faith, organizational strategies, and cultivating strong roots at home. She is also the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy.

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This Is How Your Teen Can Earn An Art Credit For High School

Art Credit For High School

Are you homeschooling high school? Then as you know, it is a beautiful time to cherish memories made with your teen. You may also be at the point in your homeschool journey where necessary credits are getting completed. High school is the time to make sure that your student’s transcript is coming together nicely for whatever may be in store for them in the future. 

So, if you are in the process of completing high school credits for homeschool, you may need an art credit. Many states require one visual art credit for the completion of high school. If that’s the case for you, we will show you how simple it is to use You Are An Artist to obtain your student’s visual art credit. 

As fellow homeschoolers, we know that homeschool families like to plan their own way! That’s why You Are An Artist is an excellent fit for your visual art credit needs. Our flexible path to a visual art credit with chalk pastels allows you the freedom to plan; however it best suits your student. 

Art Credit For High School

Visual art is not only the process of creating art. The education goes far beyond that. Visual art with chalk pastels also encompasses learning about art history, culture, nature, and more. Luckily, here at, we have over 700 chalk pastel lessons to choose from, including all of those very things!

No searching for the right projects or spending hours trying to map out your visual art curriculum! We have simplified earning an art credit for high school for you. We offer a Visual Art 1 pathway to either a full or half-credit. 

And if you are a homeschool parent, you can appreciate the combination of subjects. It’s a win-win when you can combine art and history, art and geography, and better yet – when you can include multiple students. Yes, you can do that with a Clubhouse Membership

Art Credit For High School

How Your Family Can Use You Are An Artist For a Visual Arts Credit?

First, check your local requirements to find out how many hours you need for a full or half credit. You will likely find your state requires somewhere between 120-150 hours of study for a full credit and 60-75 hours or a half credit. 

Once you have your requirements handy, you may want to map out your semester or year. An easy way to do that would be with our Visual Art 1 Credit Planner and Tracker. The planner and tracker are also perfect additions to your portfolio if record keeping is required in your state. 

You can plan art lessons to coincide with what you may be learning or books you may be reading this year – with over 600 available lessons to choose from in the Clubhouse Membership, planning out your art credit for high school with chalk pastels is super simple. 

Plus, choosing to pursue a visual art credit is affordable. Unlike many other electives, the supplies for chalk pastel art are minimal. So if your family is watching the budget like many of us are, it’s an economical option that requires few supplies. 

Art Credit For High School

What Can I Count As Visual Art Hours?

What can you count as hours towards your visual art credit? That’s a great question, and accumulating hours is easier than you think! Here are plenty of ideas and ways you can make all of your educational moments count. 

Chalk Pastel Projects: The projects themselves will take time, and the time per project will vary. Each project’s time will be different from student to student, depending on your child’s skill level. However, all of the time spent creating counts! Your teens will likely love this course; chalk pastel art is easy to enjoy.

Art Vocabulary List: Create an art vocabulary list to help your students learn all of the art terms you can find. You could use this list for learning definitions and even test or quiz your student. Another idea may be to have them research particular art terms and the history behind them. Where did the art term originate and when? The possibilities are endless.  

Chalk Techniques Definition List: We have a Chalk Techniques Definition List inside the Clubhouse to help your students get familiar with all chalk techniques. We recommend your student become familiar with this list. Like the vocabulary list above, you could quiz your teen on the list of definitions or do more extensive research on the terms if you choose. 

Field Trips: Yes, of course, field trips count too! And they happen to be a highlight for the whole family to enjoy. Plan a weekly or monthly outing to a nearby art museum, art fair, or art exhibit. Field trips are a fantastic way to experience art in real life. Take a camera to snap photos of your favorites or to try and recreate them later at home with pastels. Have your student bring a journal on the trip and make notes about what they saw. Or bring some chalk pastels along to draw while you are at the museum. You can get extremely creative in using this time for exciting learning opportunities. 

Art History: Watch documentaries about a particular artist or piece of art. Visit the library and check out books that cover art history, culture, and showcase works of art. Your students might veer off onto a rabbit trail as they begin to research the history of pastels themselves. Chalk and oil pastels can be traced back to the renaissance. Yep! The history is fascinating, and some of our most famous artists used chalk pastels. 

Critique Famous Chalk Works: Along with your art history studies, you will find that many famous works of art were created using pastels. Another exciting activity to assign your teen is to critique the pieces. You can dive as deeply into critiquing as you like, but there are some basic questions you can cover. What is the history behind the work? What sort of artwork is it? Ex. Portrait, nature, still life, landscape, abstract, etc. What kind of lines, shapes, and forms do you see? What colors do you see? Discuss space, light vs. dark, and focal points. You can also talk about interpretation; what is the artist trying to convey? Lastly, evaluate. How does the artwork make you feel? Do you like it? Why or why not? 

Submissions: Submissions are another fantastic way to challenge your budding artist and still calculate hours towards your visual art credit. Encourage your student to submit their own works of chalk pastel art into local contests. You can often find competitions to enter posted in your local library or college campuses. A simple Google search will produce all sorts of opportunities where your high school student can enter their art. You might even find fun entry opportunities at your state fair!

Final Project: Assign a final project for each semester or year-end. To determine a final art project, you may want to combine techniques or styles covered over the year. A final art project is a fantastic way to assess everything your teen has learned throughout the curriculum. It is also a fun way for your student to showcase all that he or she has absorbed. 

We hope this helps you easily plan your child’s Visual Art 1 curriculum for the year or semester. Make sure to get a Clubhouse Membership to access your Visual Art 1 Credit Planner and Tracker, along with the Chalk Techniques Definition List. 

We also invite you to join our private group. Inside of the, You ARE An Artist Community, you will find art submission opportunities for your teen along with plenty of art activities that the whole family can enjoy. See you inside!

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