Acrylics Clubhouse Edition


My Hope is Built on Nothing Else (Lighthouse Acrylic)

Length: 25 minutesComplexity: Standard

‘My Hope is Built on Nothing Else’ – On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand! You will enjoy the spattering as you paint this beautiful lighthouse with acrylic paints! (Can also enjoy with chalk pastels)

Bird’s Nest Acrylic

Enjoy Nana’s beautiful art lesson that she shared with Pam Barnhill’s Morning Time subscribers!   Bird’s nest supplies Canvas. Black 8×8 9×12 12×12** (preference) You can paint your canvas black…

Goldfinch Acrylic Lesson

Length: 26 minutesComplexity: Standard

Join Nana for an Artist Clubhouse exclusive art lesson and a bonus to her Backyard Birds Acrylic Video Art Lessons course!

Acrylics Fall Tree Reflection

Length: 43 minutesComplexity: Hard

Feeling Fall yet? Well, I AM! I am excited, it has been a while since we actually dipped our brushes into real paint! We want you to join us! Let’s go paint…you are ALL artists! ❤️Nana