American History Video Art Lessons

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Early Colonists

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Standard

Enjoy an art lesson of the early American colonists.

Thirteen Colonies

Length: 11 minutesComplexity: Standard

Paint a representation of the thirteen colonies – with the gathering storm from England across the sea.

George Washington

Length: 11 minutesComplexity: Standard

Paint a silhouette of America’s first president, George Washington.

Burning of the White House

Length: 12 minutesComplexity: Standard

Paint this very famous part of the war – the burning of the White House.

The Constitution

Length: 8 minutesComplexity: Easy

Paint a most important document – the American Constitution in chalk pastels!

Women in War

Length: 11 minutes

Yes, women were a part of war as well. Paint an action scene with chalk pastels!

Paul Revere

Length: 8 minutesComplexity: Standard

Paint the objects that went with Paul Revere on this famous ride — his hat and a lantern.

Lewis and Clark

Length: 11 minutesComplexity: Standard

Paint the beautiful discoveries of Lewis and Clark!


Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

Paint this most important French military and political leader.

French Flag

Length: 7 minutesComplexity: Standard

Paint the French flag in chalk pastels!

War of 1812

Length: 8 minutesComplexity: Standard

Paint the epic sea battle of 1812 between the USS Constitution and the HMS Guerriere.

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Length: 11 minutesComplexity: Standard

Calling artists of all ages! In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Paint a wonderful tall ship and an epic voyage — in celebration of Columbus Day.