Spring Chalk Pastels Clubhouse Edition

Invite a Master Artist to teach the joy of art to all grades and ages using this Spring Chalk Pastel Video Art course. Celebrate the season!

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What is included in the course?

  • Accompanying A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels ebook
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Techniques encourage both new artists and challenge more advanced ones
  • Independent learning for older students
  • FAQs
  • Glossary of art techniques
  • You ARE an Artist Facebook group – share photos of art work, ask questions and encourage each other!

Begin with any art lesson that appeals to you. Each of these tutorials is designed for students of all ages.

General Suggestions for Spring Chalk Art

In addition to a starter set of chalk pastels, there are very few supplies we suggest you have on hand. Regular copy or printer paper works very well. Construction paper is also wonderful for the layering and blending of colors. It is our favorite. Dampened paper towels or baby wipes make for easy clean up and help in cleaning off hands between colors.

BONUSES! You are invited to join our Weekly Art Lessons on our Facebook page. Every Wednesday at noon ET. Join us live or anytime at the replay.

Spring Weather Video Art Lesson

St. Patrick’s Day Video Art Lesson

Dr. Seuss Truffula Trees Video Art Lesson

You ARE an Artist

We encourage you to share photos of your art time and/or finished art work. Nana and Tricia would love to see it and comment! Here are a few ways you can share:

Yes, you ARE an artist!



Complexity: Standard

Everyone needs a beautiful pastel of shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day – or any day to remind us of spring!


Complexity: Standard

Luscious colors to paint with! This is a joyous pastel to me! A class rainbow to paint the way you have seen one.


Complexity: Standard

It’s early spring and what fun it is to look forward to swinging and enjoying the sunshine.


Complexity: Standard

This is a pastel challenge! I am going to break this painting down into steps. I believe that not only advanced pastel students but even beginner students will be able to take time to finish with a lovely spring painting!

Spring Tree

This is a wonderful and easy pastel for spring! We are going to try a new technique for painting our blooming trees, so let’s get started.

Spring Tree Reflection

Complexity: Standard

What a delight to paint the beautiful colors of blooming spring trees – and then their reflection in the water!


Length: 11 minutesComplexity: Standard

Will we have an early spring or six more weeks of winter? Celebrate Groundhog Day with art! Gather a plain, white piece of paper (or construction paper color of your…


Complexity: Standard

This will be a fun pastel for us to try. We are going to paint rain! Yes, we are going to do a landscape painting with rain storm over the mountains.


Complexity: Standard

Today is wash day and we are going to hang those quilts out in a spring breeze!

Bird’s Nest

Complexity: Standard

Learn how how to weave the colors just like birds do – making layers with chalk pastels. The results are gorgeous!