Master Classes Clubhouse Exclusive

Lessons include:


  • Seasonal Tree study: Fall (available) with winter, spring and summer coming each upcoming season
  • ‘Freedom’ Abstract Acrylic
  • Bird Nest with Pam Barnhill Morning Time

Chalk Pastels

  • Making Christmas Cards with Nana – and members
  • Mapping Lewis and Clark’s Journey – with nature study lesson by Cindy West of
  • Camp Morning Time – Astronaut – 50th anniversary of moon landing
  • Christmas Camp Morning Time

Mixed Media

  • Count Your Many Blessings sunflower mixed media with guest teacher Rebecca Parsons


  • Beethoven lesson with Mary of
  • Welcoming Messiah – Handel composer study with Mary of SQUILT Live!

With more to come!


Master Classes: Acrylics Fall Tree Reflection

Length: 43 minutesComplexity: Hard

Feeling Fall yet? Well, I AM! I am excited, it has been a while since we actually dipped our brushes into real paint! We want you to join us! Let’s go paint…you are ALL artists! ❤️Nana

Master Classes: Astronaut Camp Morning Time

Length: 18 minutesComplexity: Standard

Paint an astronaut on the moon in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. A special lesson with Nana from Camp Morning Time Live. Suggested supplies: black…

Master Classes: Bird’s Nest Acrylic

Length: 49 minutesComplexity: Standard

Enjoy Nana’s beautiful art lesson that she shared with Pam Barnhill’s Morning Time subscribers!   Bird’s nest supplies Canvas. Black 8×8 9×12 12×12** (preference) You can paint your canvas black…

Winter Tree Reflection Acrylic

Length: 23 minutesComplexity: Hard

 Are you ready for something special? Just for YOU – our members – Nana shares a Master Class in acrylics! In the fall, she shared a Fall Tree Reflection…

Vivaldi Spring – Tree Reflection

Length: 25 minutesComplexity: Standard

What would you imagine Vivaldi’s Spring from his Four Seasons to look like? Nana shares a beautiful, spring tree reflection in chalk pastels.

The Swing – Spring Grow a Love of Learning

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

What FUN we had with our Grow a Love of Learning Spring event for members. A science lesson on bird eggs with Miss Cindy of No Sweat Nature Study. A music appreciation lesson on Vivaldi with Miss Mary of SQUILT Live! and Nana’s The Swing art lesson.


Length: 27 minutesComplexity: Standard

Feel like yodeling in the Alps? How about reading an old, favorite story of “Heidi” and painting her with your pastels, waving to you from a grassy alpine meadow? Oh,…

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Don’t miss it – there are two lessons here! One art lesson from Nana and one Memory Palace from Pam Barnhill! Hello there all our wonderful artist friends from Nana!…

Master Class – Summer Tree Acrylic

Suggested supplies: “Over the years, I have taken to the roads of the North Georgia mountains and have been somewhat of an adventurer. I might veer off to the right…

Johnny Appleseed Adventure

Please enjoy the replay of the special Johnny Appleseed Adventure event hosted by No Sweat Nature Study Live!, SQUILT Music and You ARE an ARTiST Clubhouse! Nana, Miss Cindy, and…