Moon Missions

Moon Missions Video Art Course! It's almost lift off! Are you celebrating the big space anniversary? With these art lessons, artists head to the moon, plant a flag, leave some footprints and take an amazing journey.

What is included in this course?

Begin with any art lesson that appeals to you. Each of these tutorials is designed for students of all ages.

General Suggestions for Space Chalk Art

If you have been enjoying chalk pastel art tutorials with us for any time you know that we talk about light quite a bit. Before we begin a tutorial, we consider the light and which direction the light source is coming from. With all of these space art tutorials, we suggest you do the same. You will notice that sometimes only a part of a subject is visible. That is simply because the sun is shining brightly on one side. Painting the ‘light’ is what makes your painting look real.

In addition to a starter set of chalk pastels, there are very few supplies we suggest you have on hand. Black construction paper is used in many of the tutorials. Sometimes dark blue construction paper. Dampened paper towels or baby wipes make for easy clean up and help in cleaning off hands between colors.

You will also use your white chalk pastel stick quite a bit. Ours are just little nubs of chalk after creating this and the other space courses! Enjoy – we had a blast creating this video art course for you!


Pad Crawler

Complexity: Standard

Paint the pad crawler for the moon missions.

Mission Control

Complexity: Standard

Mission control is the important home base of operations for the moon missions.