Preschool Spring Video Art Lessons Clubhouse Edition

Ready for spring? Invite a Master Artist to teach the joy of art to your preschoolers with these Preschool Spring Video Art Lessons.
Preschoolers and parents will love learning about the joy of art with spring lessons! The young artists will create easy, fun pastel paintings while learning how to draw circles, lines and triangles.



Length: 6 minutesComplexity: Easy


Length: 6 minutesComplexity: Easy

Heart – make a Valentine, a card for someone you love or a decoration for your home! Suggested supplies: pink construction paper. Red, blue, green, yellow and purple chalk pastels.


Length: 5 minutesComplexity: Easy

Tree – notice the changing seasons and learn how to smudge some leaves onto the top of your tree. Gather yellow construction paper or what you have on hand. Also…

Rain Cloud

Length: 4 minutesComplexity: Easy

Rain cloud – those spring flowers need some water! Have fun making a painting the cloud heavy with moisture. Blend and dot, dot, dot the rain step-by-step. Suggested supplies: yellow…