Preschool Video Art Lessons Bundle

Preschoolers and parents will love learning about the joy of art! The young artists will create easy, fun pastel paintings while learning how to draw circles, squares, triangles and even a straight line! Plus preschoolers will have fun with four fall-themed lessons too!

What is included in the course?


How To Teach Preschool Art

Complexity: Easy

Advice for parents and caregivers on how to join in the fun of preschool art. Plus the importance of praise for a preschooler in developing a lifelong love of art!


Circles: BIG ones, little ones, red ones, green ones!


Complexity: Easy

Squares: Learn how to make straight lines connect and “shake hands” with other lines to make a square!


Complexity: Easy

Triangles: Three lines and you have a volcano with red, fiery lava flowing down a side or a purple mountain with snow on top!


Complexity: Easy

Lines: Oh the places you can go with a straight line – squiggly, short or long!


Length: 4 minutesComplexity: Easy

You can make a beautiful apple!


Length: 4 minutesComplexity: Easy

Oh the beautiful fall leaves!


Length: 3 minutesComplexity: Easy

What fun to paint a spider with your chalk pastels!