Presidents Clubhouse Complete Exclusive

There have been 45 men to hold the office of United States President. There are those that are not familiar to us at all. We will be detectives and find out interesting and maybe even surprising facts about these men! We are going to draw each President, chat about him and you will be able to sit down at dinner and tell you family presidential facts. Did you know that President James Madison was only 5’3” tall?


George Washington

Length: 14 minutesComplexity: Standard

Paint President George Washington with chalk pastels!

John Adams

Length: 20 minutesComplexity: Hard

Paint President John Adams as you study early American history!

Thomas Jefferson

Length: 17 minutesComplexity: Hard

Join Nana to paint founding father Thomas Jefferson!

James Madison

Length: 19 minutesComplexity: Hard

For more on the burning of the White House, enjoy the White House lesson from American History I Drew It Then I Knew It.

Abraham Lincoln

Length: 14 minutesComplexity: Standard

There is so much to study and learn about our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Come on, let’s paint!

Ulysses S. Grant

Length: 25 minutesComplexity: Hard

Paint President Ulysses S. Grant. A famous general of the Civil War before he was president, he was also a cousin of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

John F. Kennedy

Length: 14 minutesComplexity: Standard

Paint an iconic photo of President Kennedy while you study the United States’ 35th president. Find out who the photographer was and study a little more on your own.