Seashore Art Lessons Clubhouse Edition

What is included in this course? A variety of seashore video art lessons Step-by-step instructions Techniques encourage both new artists and challenge more advanced ones Independent learning for older students FAQs Glossary of art techniques You ARE an Artist Facebook group – share photos of art work, ask questions and encourage each other! Begin with any art lesson […]



Complexity: Easy

Look out! Over there, in the water….there is a jellyfish! Yes, the beautiful, but annoying jellyfish is the object of our summer pastel series! Jellyfish are amazing creatures, floating in…


Complexity: Standard

Have fun painting this colorful ocean crab! Supplies: brown construction paper (suggested), blue, dark blue, red, black, brown, green chalk pastel colors.


Complexity: Easy

I think that this will be a very popular pastel! A clown fish is very easy to paint with your pastels. But you may have to use the corner of…

Sand Bucket

Complexity: Easy

This is an easy-peasy, quick pastel for everyone! It will make you long for the beach and making sand castles! You will need the following: pink construction paper (suggested) and…

Sand Castle

Complexity: Easy

Do you have your bathing suit on yet? Well, it is time to go down to the beach and build a sand castle! And, instead of a sand bucket and…

Under the Sea

Complexity: Standard

This pastel is great fun. When I did this I think that I just about emptied out all the colors in my pastel box! Yes, this painting will take some…

Sea Turtle

Complexity: Easy

The shells of the sea turtle are lighter than the shells of turtles that live on land. Because their feet are flippers, sea turtles can swim long, long distances. Green…


Complexity: Easy

You can really paint wonderful sea creatures, because you ARE an artist! Supplies needed: blue construction paper (suggested), orange, red, blue, green, brown, tan chalk pastel colors.