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Back on a very cold February afternoon, Nana was snowed in at our house (in Georgia!) She had her big box of chalk pastels and she taught us how to create a Path to the Beach. All five of our children were gathered around the kitchen table. We loved that art time so much, we asked her to bring her chalk pastels every time she stopped by. We began sharing those art times with our Hodgepodge readers – in online art tutorial form. Then one day a reader asked us if we would put all our tutorials in one spot. A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels was born! It snowballed from there and now we offer a Hodgepodge of video art lessons from seasonal art lessons to sharks to American landmarks and the far reaches of space!

We think you will find that You ARE an artist with our video art lessons for all ages.

See how you can get started in just three steps! Watch the one minute You ARE an Artist video, below. Then grab your FREE Get Started in Chalk Pastel Art video art lessons (which includes an ebook with a coupon for your first purchase!)

Why chalk pastels?

Wondered how in the world to get started in art?

What about the world of chalk pastels?

Well, we thought if we put all our best tips in one place and added in some free tutorials – that would be a great start! So we created our FREE Get Started in Chalk Pastel Art Video Art Lessons for you!

Meet Nana of Southern Hodgepodge

“A simple start… because as children didn’t we all start my drawing big loops and circles with chalk?” ~ Lucia Hames (Nana)

Art Teacher Lucia Hames – Our Nana and her family have always been artistic folks. Her given name is Lucia, and she was awarded a wonderful art scholarship from the Rockefeller Foundation in her sophomore year in college. But, love intervened, and she married, had babies and left the scholarship behind. For years she and one of her sisters painted murals in schools and for the children’s ward in our local hospital. She started pastel lessons in 2009, finally finding what she calls “her art.” She is on a mission to show fellow artists just how satisfying, cost effective and easy pastel painting is to accomplish and to help all realize, “you ARE an artist!”

Why Try Free Video Art Lessons

Head over to grab Nana’s free set of Get Started in Chalk Pastel Art video art lessons which includes our Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art ebook (with coupon for your first purchase). You might also be interested in Nana’s Artist Clubhouse Video Art Lessons sampler and our monthly You ARE an Artist Clubhouse subscription.


  • Introduction to the Frugal Art of Chalk Pastels
  • The Very Few Chalk Pastel Supplies (no long, expensive art supply list here!)

Also includes our Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art ebook!

Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art-trans

What is Included in Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art eBook?

  • Path to the Beach tutorial
  • Your Very First Lesson in Chalk Pastel Art
  • How to Make Sky and Clouds with Chalk Pastels
  • Dealing with the Art Mess
  • Glossary of Chalk Pastel Terms
  • About Master Artist Lucia Hames (Nana), About Hodgepodge
  • Simple Chalk Pastel Supplies
  • You Can Be An Artist
  • Getting Started with Art
  • Type of Chalk Pastels to Use
  • Best Paper for Chalk Pastels
  • Fixatives for Finished Art
  • Storage and Cleaning
  • Reducing the Mess
  • Give Opportunity for Participation
  • How to Start Art with Little Ones
  • How an Art Box Inspires Artists
  • The Very Few Must Have Chalk Pastel Supplies
  • The Art Tutorial Showcase – share photos of your artists’ artwork!

Tricia Hodges @hodgepodgemom

Share Your Art

Paint your chalk art and be sure to share with us! You can share those on Instagram and tag @chalkpastelart or upload or them to the Facebook page in the comments of the art lesson of the day. We would love to see your artwork and to comment.

You are also invited to join our You ARE an Artist Facebook group. ~ Tricia Hodges (Hodgepodgemom)

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