Red VW Bug with Christmas Tree

Bringing the Christmas Tree Home on a red VW bug! Do you think it will fit? This is a bonus to Nana’s Christmas Video Art Lessons

Christmas Camp Morning Time (Placing Star on Christmas Tree + berries)

Christmas Camp Morning Time was SO much fun with all of you artists! Enjoy!
In this class your children will learn:
🎵 What instrument family is totally missing from “Parade of the Toy Soldiers” and why.
🌱 How to conduct a “Red and Green” nature walk and record their findings in a nature journal.
📚 What a simile is and how poets use language to create a setting.
🎨 How to paint their own Christmas tree masterpiece step-by-step.
🎄 Meanwhile you can wrap gifts, do a little online shopping, clean the kitchen, or simply sit with a cup of hot tea and read a chapter or two.
Let us do the teaching for you!
♥️ Merry Christmas from all of us to you! @hspambarnhill @squiltmusic @ourjourneywestward @chalkpastelart @luciahames @hodgepodgemom ⭐️

For the art time you can simply use white paper and all the chalk pastel colors!

How to Make Christmas Cards with Chalk Pastels

What fun Nana had making Christmas cards with our Artist Clubhouse members and Pam Barnhill’s Morning Time subscribers!

Resources: Be sure to get your FREE Christmas Celebration Morning Time Plans from Pam Barnhill. (Includes plans for using Nana’s Nutcracker video art lessons here in the Artist Clubhouse)

Nana suggests these supplies:

  • Your favorite colors of construction paper and/or plain, white copy paper for Christmas cards
  • set of chalk pastels
  • baby wipes or damp paper towel for easy clean up
  • After the lesson:
  • Get a cheap aerosol hair spray like Aqua Net (not pump hair spray) I recommend taking your painting outside to spray. Just a quick, light coating will do to seal it.

Here is a video of Nana showing you just how to apply fixative to a finished chalk pastel painting. Also an option is framing with glass if you would like to share as a gift.

Thank you to Pam Barnhill and her Morning Time members for having us to visit. Merry Christmas!

Scottish Highlands

Nana took a trip to Scotland and she has an art lesson for you! Paint the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

Suggested supplies: white construction paper. Purple, blue, green, red, pink, orange, yellow and black chalk pastels.

Roman Coliseum

Paint the Ancient Roman Coliseum with chalk pastels.

Suggested supplies: white construction paper (or what you have on hand). Brown, red, orange and blue chalk pastels.

Eiffel Tower

Paint this most famous world landmark with Nana! A wonderful match to your geography studies. You may want to have a ruler handy for drawing straight lines.

Suggested supplies: Light blue construction paper. Black, brown, green, blue and yellow chalk pastels.

Younger students might also like Nana’s Madeline and twelve little girls in two straight lines art lesson on our YouTube channel.

Taj Mahal

Paint this famous world landmark, then enjoy Nana’s Map of India too.

Suggested supplies: light blue construction paper. White, green, blue and light blue chalk pastels.