Betsy Ross

Paint famous artist Betsy Ross and the American Flag! Suggested supplies: white construction paper. Black, red, white, blue, yellow, light blue chalk pastels.

Francis Scott Key

Paint the scene (as you might imagine it) when Francis Scott Key composed the Star Spangled Banner. Suggested supplies: dark blue construction paper. Red, white, blue, yellow, black, brown, light…

James Madison

Paint America’s fourth president, James Madison. Suggested supplies: White construction paper. Black, blue, red, orange, yellow construction paper. For more on the burning of the White House, enjoy the White…


Paint a map of France! Suggested supplies: yellow construction paper. Red, white, blue and light blue chalk pastels.

America the Beautiful

Find Dawn Peluso’s accompanying hymn study here. Suggested supplies: light blue construction paper. All the colors for purple mountain majesty, amber waves of grain and more! Hymn – America the…

Adventure Map

Paint a treasure map of your Summer Art Camp journey! Or modify Nana’s lesson to fit your current plans. Where will you adventure? Suggested supplies: Black or dark blue construction…


Suggested supplies: orange construction paper. Blue, red, white, green and black chalk pastels. NuPastels work well for mapping since they have sharper edges.

Adventure Tea Cup

Nana has a special message and a special art lesson just for parents! Enjoy painting a wonderful tea cup with an invitation from Peter Pan! Suggested supplies: White or light-colored…


A brand new challenge from Nana! Using just three chalk pastel colors. Pink, purple and aqua or light blue. Then blue for the water.  

John Williams

I Drew It Then I Knew It with Nana and all the music of composer John Williams! Paint a ‘thank you’ to this famous composer. And scroll down for even…