Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Paint Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. giving his famous speech in Washington, D.C. Suggested supplies: white construction paper or plain printer paper. Green, black, brown, red, white, yellow, light blue…

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Calling artists of all ages! In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Paint a wonderful tall ship and an epic voyage — in celebration of Columbus Day.


Supplies needed: Paper – plain white paper or a light colored construction paper. Colors – medium purple, dark green, light green, brown, and dark blue.

Crown of Thorns

The crown is “woven” with the same technique that we used in the small bird’s nest pastel video tutorial in our spring course. Colors Needed:  reddish brown, dark brown, black,…

Washington Monument

If you want to have a daytime view of the Washington Monument, then you can make the sky pale blue and add some fluffy clouds drifting behind the monument. But,…

Shark Fin

Cue the ominous shark fin music! Suggested supplies: white construction paper or printer paper (what you have on hand). Blue, light blue, light green or aqua, white, purple and black…

Man on the Moon

We are all familiar with the famous photos of the American astronaut with the American flag on the moon. You can recreate this momentous time in history with chalk pastels!…

Fall Trees

A fun lesson in perspective – look up! Capture the fall colors with chalk pastels. Supplies suggested: dark blue construction paper. Brown, black, red, orange, green, yellow and white chalk…

Christmas Ornaments

Have fun painting your favorite Christmas ornaments! Suggested supplies: yellow construction paper. Orange, red, purple, pink, brown and white chalk pastels.  

Winter Fun

Paint a fun winter scene in chalk pastels – snowman and all! Suggested supplies: white construction or printer paper. Black, blue, orange, brown and green chalk pastels.