Acrylics Clouds

You will be surprised at how you paint clouds in acrylics!

Acrylics Sunflower

Paint a beautiful sunflower with acrylics (and maybe a little ladybug) in the style O’Keeffe or Van Gogh!

Sugar Plum Fairy

Twirl your chalk pastels and paint the Sugar Plum Fairy! Suggested supplies: pink construction paper (or another color of your choosing). Red, green, blue, yellow, tan, white, black chalk pastels.


Paint the famous Nutcracker character in chalk pastels! Suggested supplies: white construction paper. Red, orange, blue, green, black, yellow and tan chalk pastels.

Chinese Tea Dance

Paint the leaping Chinese dancer from the Nutcracker! Suggested supplies: white printer/copier paper. Black, blue, red, tan, brown chalk pastels.

Mouse King

Paint the fierce Mouse King in chalk pastels! Suggested supplies: green construction paper. Red, black, yellow, green, blue chalk pastels.

Clara and the Tree

Paint Clara, standing before the giant Christmas tree! Suggested materials: black construction paper. Blue, white, green, red, yellow, brown, black and other Christmas tree decoration colors.

Beach Ball in the Pool

Ball in a pool – it is fun to make your colorful ball float on the waves of a backyard or neighborhood pool. Suggested supplies: white construction paper or plain,…