Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art

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Why chalk pastels?

Wondered how in the world to get started in art?

What about the world of chalk pastels?

Well, we thought if we put all our best tips in one place and added in some free tutorials – that would be a great start! So we created our FREE Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art eBook for you!

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What is Included in Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art eBook?

  • Path to the Beach tutorial
  • Your Very First Lesson in Chalk Pastel Art
  • How to Make Sky and Clouds with Chalk Pastels
  • Dealing with the Art Mess
  • Glossary of Chalk Pastel Terms
  • About Master Artist Lucia Hames (Nana), About Hodgepodge
  • Simple Chalk Pastel Supplies
  • You Can Be An Artist
  • Getting Started with Art
  • Type of Chalk Pastels to Use
  • Best Paper for Chalk Pastels
  • Fixatives for Finished Art
  • Storage and Cleaning
  • Reducing the Mess
  • Give Opportunity for Participation
  • How to Start Art with Little Ones
  • How an Art Box Inspires Artists
  • The Very Few Must Have Chalk Pastel Supplies

1 review for Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art

  1. Jessica (verified owner)

    I was so intimidated by chalk pastels this guide really helped me get started and feel comfortable with the medium!

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