Return of the Routine


The encouragement offered applies to getting back into a routine any time of year– whether it be after a summer break, a vacation, sickness or another reason.

You may still be feeling the weight of this past year. Or you may be facing the overwhelming responsibility of getting back into the school year. You may even just be clear of the bustle of the holiday season or weeks of sickness.

These six simple steps for success included in Return of the Routine may help!

What’s included in Return of the Routine?

  • 15 pages of tried and true homeschool routines and habits
  • Examples of our back-to-school days
  • Tips and recipes for feeding the family – What to feed the masses after working so hard at getting back into a routine
  • Strategies for those days you just have to punt
  • Bonus tips on starting a morning routine and homeschooling multiple ages
  • Reluctant return of routine-r? Save it for when you are ready then take baby steps.


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