You ARE an Artist! Clubhouse Membership

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From: $30.00 / month

We make art easy for you! All it takes is a starter set of chalk pastels, construction paper and Nana’s video art lessons. That’s all! No expensive, intimidating list of art supplies.

*Clubhouse membership is designed for use by one family. Please contact us about co-op pricing.


You ARE an ARTiST Clubhouse Membership

It’s easy to be an artist with You ARE an ARTiST Art Lessons for the whole family! Imagine…
  • Nana doing the teaching
  • All access to more than 700 art lessons for the entire family for one low price
  • Mixing and matching art lessons to meet your schedule and your studies
  • Master Classes and member events
  • Member-exclusive bonuses
  • A monthly art calendar filled with lessons!
  • Summer Art Camp and other special events

Why The Clubhouse? Because art…

  • Makes smiles spread across faces!
  • Brings all ages together around the kitchen table
  • Meets the needs of different learning styles
  • Reaches across many subjects, reinforcing learning and building confidence
  • Brings color, life and imagination to learning

“I love that my kids from preschool to precalculus can join together painting at the kitchen table while Nana tells us that we are all artists.” – Amy S.

View the complete listing of all the courses included in membership here.

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You ARE an ARTiST Complete Clubhouse Membership is a $4,500 value! 

  • Complete is just that – access to the complete collection of ALL of Nana’s lessons
  • Instant access to the ENTIRE library of 54+ self-paced courses
  • New, LIVE premiere lessons with Nana
  • ALL I Drew It Then I Knew It courses
  • Over 700 video art lessons and 275 hours of instruction!

A Simple Start Clubhouse Membership  is a partial membership which includes A Simple Start series and seasonal art courses. View the listing of all courses included in membership here.

“We’ve quickly learned how 10-15 minutes of art every day can be the perfect “break” in the day. One of the biggest holes in our homeschool had been art, and now, thanks to Nana and, I don’t have to worry about it! – Crystal R.

The Teacher, Master Artist Lucia Hames

You know her as Nana! Lucia is continually learning and taking lessons herself. Her passion is to help you realize that you ARE an artist! More on the teacher in About She first shared art lessons with her five grandchildren back in 2009 – around her daughter, Tricia’s, kitchen table. You ARE an ARTiST is a homeschool family business of three generations.


Bonuses for You ARE an ARTiST Clubhouse Membership

Lessons for:
  • Mom and me time
  • tea time
  • holidays
  • favorite books and literature
  • movies



  • A beautiful You ARE an Artist planner for the whole year! A digital download with links to special, celebratory art lessons to enjoy each month.
  • An exclusive online member calendar with daily art prompts, specially designed unit studies and links to exclusive art marathons on certain topics.



What is included in our Video Art Lessons?

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Techniques encourage both new artists and challenge more advanced ones
  • Independent learning for older students
  • FAQs
  • Glossary of art techniques

“My 7 year old, perfectionist son, who has been struggling with anxiety, LOVES doing art lessons with Nana. He feels so proud when he finishes a painting. It is truly the best “therapy” for his mind. Every child should have Nana in their life!” Amanda G.

How to view the online video art lessons?

  • Each lesson includes an overhead view of Nana leading you through, step-by-step.
  • View each lesson on any digital device.
  • Once purchased, you have access to the courses for the length of your membership.

“When you have a wide age span it becomes important to find things you can all do together. Not just because it’s more efficient, but because it builds up your family culture and relationships.” – Amy S.

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View the complete listing of all the courses included in membership here.


What Others Are Saying

  • “In some ways it’s like watching Bob Ross, just for kids!” – Dawn Peluso
  • “Chalk pastels and kids go together like lightning bugs and a warm summer evening. Trust me, they are a perfectly glorious pairing. I had no idea what we were missing…” – Erin Vincent
  • “From age 30(+ a few) down to my newly 4yo, our entire household is enjoying chalk pastels. It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever considered that I might fit the “you ARE an artist” tagline! I’m so thankful for having found you for my kids and myself!”– Maria Toomey

On Instagram…

“This is the quietest my kids have been all day! They concentrated on their American history chalk pastel pieces. I love this program! It allows me to intentionally include art with our studies yet frees me up from being the teacher!” – Maureen Spell

“”Oh mama, I never thought I could love art more! But, now I do!” Smiley, my little Bob Ross-wanna be, after our first lesson with Chalk Pastels: Art at the Beach. All the boys (3,6,8,12,14) were able to do this homeschool art lesson together. This homeschool mama is thrilled! We all had such fun working on this project and can’t wait to do another tomorrow.” – Amy Milcic

Read even more of what others are saying about Nana’s video art lessons here.

*Clubhouse membership is designed for use by one family. For co-op and group pricing, please see our You ARE an Artist Co-Op Program.


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20 reviews for You ARE an Artist! Clubhouse Membership

  1. espiedc (verified owner)

    “The Glowing Christmas Tree was our very first Chalk Pastel lesson that we did. We did it last year around Christmas time and we were hooked. We are now annual club members and loving our weekly art lessons. We are so grateful for these lessons. 💗” – Christie Espie

  2. maeghanmacdougall (verified owner)

    We simply needed more Nana, so we had to subscribe. It is supposed to be art lessons, but for us it has been peace and order and, at last, simple joy.

    Sixteen years as a homeschooler with nine children I have had my share of crazy. This year was going to be different. I found Pam Barnhill, I had license to buy mountains of marvelous books, we were going to do art—finally—and drown ourselves in the Middle Ages. Bliss.

    So, of course, my husband gets the dream job offer, we pick up and leave 11 years of an amazing support network, parents, and three of our children to move eight hours away. Time from acceptance letter to new house in new state? 23 days.

    The week after Thankgiving, I finally sat the children down for the first lesson….and it starts: our 12-year-old is our second artist, (they don’t get from me) and he knows ALL about pastels…nobody does them….they are messy….they are boring…they are stuuuupid….Oy vey.

    Ignoring him, I start with the introduction by accident. And there is Nana and I just watch. Watch as this woman, with her lovely, soft, Southern drawl, sucks this kid in like an undertow. First he stops complaining, a miracle in itself. Then he starts meandering over to the table. Then he leans on his chair. When she finishes he announces that he will do this lesson if he can show his siblings how HE draws dragons, which he does, with great patience. !

    Totally unexpectedly, these lessons have become an anchor. I have something they can all do that is brief but focused, fun but productive. They get a complete, tangible proof of effort. I put their drawings in sheet protectors and we will watch as they progress through the year.

    A little breakfast, a little prayer, a little Nana. Priceless.

  3. oryxcrane (verified owner)

    I didn’t purchase the Annual Clubhouse Membership on a whim! We had already tried out Nana’s free samplers as well as purchased the wonderful Shark Unit already and I asked my little one (4.5 years then) if he wanted more. “Absolutely, I Love painting with Nana” was his answer and I didn’t hesitate to get the Clubhouse, and then it was on a heavy, sweet seasonal discount too!
    The Clubhouse membership gives access to so many beautiful courses that you could include into your (homeschool or otherwise) study. It also includes the season’s special courses as well as Pond study, Birds, Backyard animals, History, Geography and more. Recently while doing a month’s study of Impressionism we used the Art Techniques Course(don’t miss that one) and Nana’s introduction and demonstration of Impressionism made a real “impression” on the child even though he has never seen a real painting before! We used her techniques and tips to make a Monet’s garden display.
    After starting with these classes, we have been paying more attention to our beautiful illustrated books, and making us confident in even trying out our favorite ones in pastel. This is just the confidence and attention to detail that I wanted in my child as an artist.
    Adding on to the above, I must not leave out this particular feature of Nana’s video lessons and why they appeal to us. Nana has an unhurried, soft, homely way of demonstrating to the child. There is no fast motion video, no jarring musical background, nothing that would make you feel you are miles away from her home.
    I also love this intergenerational bond that Lessons with Nana brings.

  4. Daffadowndilly

    My artists adore Nana, especially my youngest. Her classes are warm and encouraging, and she makes art attainable and a joy. Thanks for sharing her, she’s a treasure. 🥰

  5. thestein2015 (verified owner)

    Have any of you followed along with one of Nana’s art tutorials before? They are FANTASTIC!! She truly makes you feel like YOU are an artist! She’s calm and relaxing…just like watching Bob Ross! 🤓 #nomistakesonlyhappyaccidents 🌲
    We are loving our membership! One of the best things I’ve added to our homeschool this year!

  6. Sara McClure

    Depending on the time of the day, the Clubhouse has helped us kickstart our day with something fun or helped us unwind from a long day of school. My youngest, who has Sensory Processing Disorder, will often use the Clubhouse during his listening therapy for SPD. We love making art with Nana!

  7. Kara Anderson

    So, the thing is, I kind of want Nana to adopt us. But, we have the next best thing, which is Nana coming to our kitchen table.

    This week when we started up again after a summer break, my daughter’s eyes lit up when she saw Nana on screen.

    We all love these courses so much, and I love that Nana does the teaching, so I can paint too!

  8. mrs.adam (verified owner)

    Last month I subscribed to the Clubhouse so I could incorporate art for my preschooler as well as art for the older kids-which he also participates in. (His Alexander the Great helmet is 👍🏻) .
    What I love about the Clubhouse membership is the access to all of the lessons. I can pick a painting that goes along with our history, a preschool painting, nature, famous artists, maps, etc. There is so much to choose from, you can’t go wrong.
    This year each child has an art journal so all of their work is kept together. The pages are perforated so we can take one out to hang up. Thank you so much for being a part of our days!

  9. Kristen Crowe (verified owner)

    For Christmas, we used some of our Christmas money to buy a You ARE An Artist yearly membership. We had done a few freebies off of YouTube and were addicted. I can not say enough amazing things about this program and how it has changed our homeschool. I am homeschooling 5th grade down to a 2 year old. This has been something they can all join in on. We have loved that the space lesson have fit right in with our science this year. My 3rd grader really struggles with geography and mapping. I was so excited to try it in a relaxed fun way with Nana. It has helped him so much. We have loved the preschool lessons as well. I could go on and on.

    It has been a huge blessing to our family and every person in our family (my husband and I included )gets so excited when we do a lesson from Nana!!!

  10. Amy Sloan (verified owner)

    When you have a wide age span it becomes important to find things you can all do together. Not just because it’s more efficient, but because it builds up your family culture and relationships. .

    I love that my kids from preschool to precalculus can join together painting at the kitchen table while Nana tells us that we are all artists. And yes, some of them come to the table in leotards because why not?

  11. Jamie Gault (verified owner)

    I am a homeschooling mom going on eight years with seven children. Currently, I am homeschooling five of my children, (ages range from five to eleven). My oldest has special needs. And ALL of my children LOVE Nana and her art lessons. They ask if they can “draw with Nana” everyday. I absolutely adore watching my son with special needs follow Nana’s lead and learn from her. At the same time, my five and seven year olds are glowing while holding up their newly painted drawings. I love how her lessons can meet the needs of all my children. My daughter is very artistic and this is an excellent way for her to excel in her gift. She also enjoys listening to Nana’s sweet voice as she draws. I will have to say that Nana has been a breath of fresh air for our morning bible time art lessons.

  12. Crystal Rowe (verified owner)

    Our Clubhouse Membership was the best investment I made for our homeschool this year. I had NO idea when I splurged on the annual membership that we would be sequestered at home all Spring and that we would need daily art activities to keep our hearts happy. We’ve quickly learned how 10-15 minutes of art every day can be the perfect “break” in the day. Today, we talked about where our clothes from, and drew a baby lamb to go along with our discussion. One of the biggest holes in our homeschool had been art, and now, thanks to Nana and, I don’t have to worry about it!

  13. Kimberly Mercer (verified owner)

    We decided to try something new for history this year. We are using a variety of art sources (including the history lessons with Nana from @chalkpastelart and journaling to record what we are learning. Coupled with historical fiction and nonfiction reading, and videos, this has been a delightful way to study American History!
    My boys (and I) love art and while they take a weekly art class already, I was looking for ways to use art in other ways. Diagrams in science, nature journaling, and now, history!
    While I initially started this membership for the history lessons, we have completely fallen in love with Nana and love to do different lessons from all the categories. I listen to her podcast and get so much peace and joy from her. She’s the perfect art teacher for all of us!

  14. Amanda Gates (verified owner)

    Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful video art lessons! My 7 year old, perfectionist son, who has been struggling with anxiety, LOVES doing art lessons with Nana. He feels so proud when he finishes a painting. It is truly the best “therapy” for his mind. Every child should have Nana in their life!

  15. Jennifer Costa (verified owner)

    I just want to share about a wonderful resource I’ve discovered this year. We’ve been following the chalk pastel lessons at for the past few months. We’ve learned not only wonderful art techniques, but have used the art we’ve created to enhance our study of nature, history, poetry, Bible, etc. It’s been a delight to have “art breaks” most days, and enjoy this lovely medium. And the supplies are inexpensive and easy to clean!

  16. Amy Steele (verified owner)

    I love that we have hundreds of lessons at my children’s disposal whenever they want to get lost in Nana’s world and do some cathartic art! Beyond an incredible homeschooling resource, our membership is a gift for their soul! Art is vital for mind, heart and soul- well beyond worth the yearly membership and the rich lessons and memories that will come from it! We ARE artists thanks to Nana! ❤️

  17. darbyhawley (verified owner)

    Hands down! Our favorite art classes are with Nana! I love using her tutorials to bring concepts alive & across disciplines. We took a class on the Roman Coliseum during tea time, because we were studying Italy. Wow, what a relaxing way to talk about Ancient Rome & architecture while using our chalk pastels and drinking tea! I often wonder if my grades in school would have been different if I were learning the way my kids get to linger in so many topics; I could do this every afternoon!

  18. Shevonne (verified owner)

    As a momma to four kids, finding lessons that can meet all my children’s needs and interest is hard to find. When we came across lessons from You Are An Artist I was blown away. There is something for everyone (adults included)! My children love the variety of lessons from Seasonal drawings, Holiday themes, to animals and so many more! Honestly, the hardest part about the membership is deciding which lessons to do that day. I love that we can incorporate something they love within our educational studies. The I Drew It, then I Knew It series has a monumental variety of detailed lessons from geography, artist studies, biographies, to History (and so much more). It allows us to add a fun, creative, art lesson that align perfectly with our formal lessons. The videos are so well done, Nana’s storytelling and her warm personality makes you feel as if you truly know her. She is encouraging throughout the entire lesson, giving the perfect amount of instructions, while making sure not to overwhelm the artists. We absolutely LOVE her lessons! I can say with 100% certainty that You Are An Artist is perfect for ages 3-35 (and up)!!

  19. Erin Vincent

    Art has really helped us this year. It has this amazing way of adding a bit of color to our lives while helping us process our thoughts and feelings! Oh, what fun we’ve had with all of the Christmas and Holiday art lessons, the Famous Artist series of lessons, the exclusive Maps course, and the Adventures through Narnia lessons! We can’t wait to dive into the more than 600+ other lessons available through the Clubhouse membership!

  20. Carolina Dunton (verified owner)

    It’s that time of year. You know, when you can’t for the life of you figure out where the school year has gone. When you assess where you are, what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what needs tweaking. When you get excited about purchasing new curricula & diving into new academic endeavors.

    In reviewing our year thus far I can without a moment’s hesitation say that adding art to our curricula has been a game changer. It’s brought color, life, and imagination into our days. It’s exposed us to artists & musicians. It’s taught us history and geography. It’s deepened our bird knowledge and helped us celebrate holidays. It’s brought us together around the table.

    Ben painted an interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night yesterday afternoon. I’m so incredibly happy with how much growth he’s had artistically this year. He’s no longer intimidated by subjects that look hard to replicate. He’s also grown comfortable coming up with his own unique designs. Moreover, he’s taken that confidence and applied it to other academic areas. While I may not have all the things figured out for next school year, I know that continuing our art learning with Chalk Pastel will most certainly continue. Now if only figuring out language arts could be this easy

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