You ARE an Artist Clubhouse Monthly Membership

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$20.00 / month

Have you longed to include the joy of art in your days? We make it easy for you! All it takes is a starter set of chalk pastels, construction paper and Nana’s video art lessons! No expensive, intimidating list of art supplies. 

With your artist clubhouse monthly subscription you will have access to what you need and you don’t even have to be the art teacher! Clubhouse subscribers get a bank of art lessons for all ages, a wonderful community, Nana’s new weekly art lessons plus themed art events throughout the year. It’s art lessons for the whole family!

With your clubhouse monthly subscription you will have access to what you need and you don’t even have to be the art teacher! Clubhouse subscribers get a bank of art lessons for all ages, a wonderful community and Nana’s new weekly art lessons. It's art lessons for the whole family!

You ARE an Artist Clubhouse Monthly Subscription

  • Immediate access to A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels year-long video art course with 45 lessons plus the current video course of the month.

Also including: Get Started in Chalk Pastel Art Video Art Lessons and…

    • Preschool Video Art Lessons
    • Spring Video Art Lessons
    • Backyard Nature Video Art Lessons
    • Forest Nature Video Art Lessons
    • Garden Nature Video Art Lessons
    • Summer Art Camp Video Art Lessons
    • American Landmarks Video Art Lessons
    • Sharks Video Art lessons
    • Art Techniques Video Art Lessons
    • Fall Video Art Lessons
    • Preschool Fall
    • A Simple Start in Acrylics
    • Pond Video Art Lessons
    • The Gift of Art: Gifts to Make and Give
    • Nutcracker Video Art Lessons
    • Christmas Video Art Lessons
    • Winter Games Video Art Lessons
    • Preschool Winter Video Art lessons
    • Winter Video Art Lessons
    • Bird Video Art Lessons
    • Backyard Birds Acrylic Video Art Lessons
    • Tea Time Art Lessons (with bonus)

*That’s a $868 value!

  • Art Lesson Index – Looking for something special? Plan your art times using the Master Index of ALL art lessons. This index includes all lessons in our video art courses plus links to the free ones we have shared all over the web.
  • A new video art course each month thereafter! You are continually building your bank of video art lessons for all ages. No more agonizing over which set of video art lessons to purchase.
  • A brand new art lesson each week! Nana’s Weekly Art Lesson – live or pre-recorded every week. Each month two art lessons will be for members only.

What Happens with a Artist Clubhouse Monthly Subscription?

Let’s take a look at what monthly subscribers will enjoy!

Artist Clubhouse Community

  • Support and Answers to Your Questions – Resources and weekly support from Nana in the You ARE an Artist Facebook Group.
  • Monthly Clubhouse e-Magazine – This digital magazine will share the scoop on the art them of the month. Includes an encouraging article from Nana plus links to free supplemental art lessons. You will also be the first to know the topics for monthly community art lessons.
  • Weekly Clubhouse email – news, links to exclusive art lessons.

What is included in our Video Art Lessons?

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Techniques encourage both new artists and challenge more advanced ones
  • Independent learning for older students
  • FAQs
  • Glossary of art techniques

How to view the online video art lessons?

  • Each lesson includes an overhead view of Nana leading you through, step-by-step.
  • View each lesson on any digital device.
  • Once purchased, you have access to the courses for the length of your membership.

The Teacher, Master Artist Lucia Hames

Also known as Nana, Lucia is continually learning and taking lessons herself. Her passion is to help you realize that you ARE an artist!

What Supplies are Needed? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • A starter set of chalk pastels
  • Paper you have on hand – construction paper or printer paper
  • Our video art lessons
  • Optional: You may want to have a damp cloth or baby wipes for chalky fingers and easy clean up.

That’s all!

You ARE an Artist Membership Options

  • Annual Clubhouse Membership $200 – that’s like two months free!
  • Monthly Clubhouse Subscription $20
Are you ready for…
  • Artist Clubhouse Monthly Subscription
  • Access to a new video art course each month!
  • Weekly art lesson from Nana. Four more new art lessons a month!
  • Member discount for purchases in the You ARE an Artist store.
Clubhouse Sample – Need to try the You Are An Artist Clubhouse out first? Browse the store at and enjoy any of the free video art lesson samples. Visit our Weekly Art Lessons on Wednesday at noon ET on the Facebook page.
With your artist clubhouse monthly subscription you will have access to what you need and you don’t even have to be the art teacher! Clubhouse subscribers get a bank of art lessons for all ages, a wonderful community, Nana’s new weekly art lessons plus themed art events throughout the year. It's art lessons for the whole family!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the monthly subscription option include Summer Art Camp? Yes, it does!
  • What about history art lessons? We created special history art lesson tracks just for you. Since you know your learning schedule best, this will be more self-directed than our annual membership. These are available in our shop now.
  • What do I start with? When you purchase your Artist Clubhouse Monthly Subscription you can start with any of the lessons in A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels Video Art Course or the featured video art course. You also can choose from any of the Weekly Art Lessons Nana shares on the Facebook page.
  • Do my courses go away after the first month? No. Once you have access to a course, you have it for as long as you are a member. Over a year you will have 15 courses! That is anywhere from $200 to $400 in savings over a year if you were to purchase courses individually.

“Ok, I have to tell you, I am NOT an art teacher… not even close.  The most my kids ever do with art is maybe a hands-on history lesson with coloring pages and some minor drawing.  I have now ventured into teaching them art WITH NANA!  We completed lesson one in pastels this morning, and it was fabulous!  She is inspiring a love of art in a family that knows nothing of it!  Thank you so much for sharing your precious mother with us all.” ~ Lori Lange, homeschool mom of five @ Abnormal Herd

“When I saw that a preschooler could do it-maybe there’s hope for me-the most ‘uncrafty, artsy, homeschooler’ of all time.” ~Kimberly Harrell

1 review for You ARE an Artist Clubhouse Monthly Membership

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    maeghanmacdougall (verified owner)

    We simply needed more Nana, so we had to subscribe. It is supposed to be art lessons, but for us it has been peace and order and, at last, simple joy.

    Sixteen years as a homeschooler with nine children I have had my share of crazy. This year was going to be different. I found Pam Barnhill, I had license to buy mountains of marvelous books, we were going to do art—finally—and drown ourselves in the Middle Ages. Bliss.

    So, of course, my husband gets the dream job offer, we pick up and leave 11 years of an amazing support network, parents, and three of our children to move eight hours away. Time from acceptance letter to new house in new state? 23 days.

    The week after Thankgiving, I finally sat the children down for the first lesson….and it starts: our 12-year-old is our second artist, (they don’t get from me) and he knows ALL about pastels…nobody does them….they are messy….they are boring…they are stuuuupid….Oy vey.

    Ignoring him, I start with the introduction by accident. And there is Nana and I just watch. Watch as this woman, with her lovely, soft, Southern drawl, sucks this kid in like an undertow. First he stops complaining, a miracle in itself. Then he starts meandering over to the table. Then he leans on his chair. When she finishes he announces that he will do this lesson if he can show his siblings how HE draws dragons, which he does, with great patience. !

    Totally unexpectedly, these lessons have become an anchor. I have something they can all do that is brief but focused, fun but productive. They get a complete, tangible proof of effort. I put their drawings in sheet protectors and we will watch as they progress through the year.

    A little breakfast, a little prayer, a little Nana. Priceless.

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