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The Big Kid Art Table

Do you have some “littles” lurking around your table while you are setting up an art lesson? You know, the eager two or three-year-old want-to-be artist? Pull them up a chair, even put a couple of books in the seat to raise them up to table level! Yep, invite them to sit at the Big Kid Art Table! I can tell you how and when this can happen at your house. Change his life with this invitation. Little person will be forever thankful! Do it today! Look, EVERYONE can be an artist! ❤️Nana

Invite your eager two or three-year-old to sit at the Big Kid Art Table! Little person will be forever thankful! A podcast with Nana of You ARE an ARTiST #podcast #youareanartist #preschoolart

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Big Kid Art Table Show Notes

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