Chalk Pastels Art in Space


Chalk Pastels Art in Space ebook is now available! Expand your astronomy study with beautiful space art – planets, comets, nebulae, spiral galaxy and more…

Chalk Pastels Art in Space Tutorials

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Moon
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Mars
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • The Plutoids
  • Spiral Galaxy
  • Nebula
  • Comet
  • Night Sky – Big and Little Dipper
  • Rocket Launch
  • Imagine Outer Space

Space Art Samples

Classic Tutorials

  • Jupiter
  • Space Shuttle Lift Off
  • Harvest Moon




Chalk Pastels Art in Space is for beginning or continuing art lessons in the chalk pastel medium.

Chalk pastels are a wildly successful medium – especially space art! If you have been wanting to add art to your days, now is the time. The galaxy full of art stretches out…

Spiral Galaxy Video Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial in Less Than Three Minutes!


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